TCoFTH: The House Is In Fact Still Standing


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about house projects, probably because it’s been a while since we’ve finished any of them.  We’ve been making progress on a few, and we’re hoping to have most of them finished by next weekend since we’re finally doing our housewarming party!  More on that later though.

Geoff and FIL have been busting their butts rebuilding the deck.  It’s pretty much done, save for some of the finishing boards and the railing.  We just got a table and chair set for it, and we have an umbrella on the way.  The chairs aren’t the best, but we needed a place for butts and they were $16 a piece.  It was crazy to see the whole thing come together, and we are so glad we did it the way we did it.

In addition to rocking out the deck in the back, Geoff also managed to attack the jungle that was our front landscape.  We still need to lay a weed cloth down before we plant anything new (which will likely not happen til next season anyways), but it looks sooooo much better that we’ve actually had neighbors come up to us and make comments about it.

Massive improvement, right?

The few plants we still have up there we’re going to try to salvage and turn into something we actually like, but who knows how that will actually turn out.  For now, we’re just glad to not be that house you drive past and shake your head at.

As far as the inside goes, we still haven’t put up the wainscoting trim in the dining room, or decided on paint colors for the bonus room, but we did at least get the upstairs hallway painted.  While Geoff was outside busting his butt, that’s what I was doing, so I wasn’t completely useless!  We kept the hallway neutral, but picked a lighter, warmer, creamy color for it.  A subtle color, but way better than the cold grayish beige that was up there before, brightens the space up a good bit.

So, yeah, nothing too terribly exciting, but we’re getting there.  The current plan is to have the house presentable by next weekend, then try to have people over for a little house-warming party.  Since it is approaching the end of summer and people are busy, we’re not actually sure how big of a party it will actually be, but it’s an excuse for me to bake and to drink with friends, so we’ll take it!

Random question of the day: what type of food craving do you get most often?  Sweet, salty, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, sour?


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  1. The deck looks great! That is all you need for a housewarming party anyway 🙂 Is your house as pink/purple as these pics make it look? Nice job tackling that to-do list…paint is on my weekend plan since I finished cutting and laying tile in the laundry room this weekend!!!

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