Why I Love The Rooster Teeth Community

Prior to RTX, I made a couple of friends through my backpack assembling adventure journal entries. Down at RTX, I got to meet some of them face to face. One such friend actually lives in Michigan too, just across town as it turns out. It was cool to meet someone down in Texas and have that transfer all the way up here. We got together this past week actually to have dinner and drinks.

And so I could return his super fantastic metal Halo 4 case that the entire RT crew signed.

Before you get all smart with me, there are signatures on the back too.

Through a series of ridiculous events, I ended up one of the lucky ones who made it into one of the most popular signing lines on Sunday. While we were waiting around, my new MI friend and his crew found us to chat for a bit, before asking if I wouldn’t mind getting the case signed for him. He handed it over, and went about his business. By the time we exited the line, the convention center was shutting down and the MI posse had already left for the night. So what did we do? He said to just get it back to him sometime once we were back up here.

We had never met before, just talked a bit online, and suddenly for no real reason other than being a part of the same community, there was an inherent level of trust that said giving me this awesome item was no big deal, that there was no question I would return it.

He was in no rush to get it back, and it wasn’t until 2 weeks later that we were able to connect again. And that’s why I love the RT community. We can do that kind of thing. We can meet, and 72 hours later you feel comfortable enough with someone who was a stranger to just hand over something that is essentially irreplaceable with a simple “yeah I’ll get it from you later” before you wander off.

High five, Rooster Teeth community, high five.


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