Video Games, How I Have Missed Thee

Between work, the house, and my craft projects, the Xbox has been offline for about 2 months.  2 months.  Do you know how sad that is?

Work and the house are still ridiculous, but since I don’t have a deadline for anything hanging out on my craft table my time is a bit more flexible, so I’m making an effort to get back to my gaming roots.  Afterall, I did just spend 3 days in Austin for a convention based on gaming.  I think it’s sort of required.

I downloaded an arcade game called Flock, a title that has been talked about repeatedly by one of the RT crew members.  It’s a cute game, but frustrating as heck, so it’s really perfect for getting back into the swing of things.  If you want a funny introduction to it, watch this (and preferably the rest of the parts too, because it gets progressively funnier):

My on deck RPG Dragon Age has been saved right outside the final battle since, what, March?  So I’m making a point of wrapping that up soon as well.  From there, I’m going to finally hit the Mass Effect trilogy, because I think I’m the only person who owns an Xbox who’s never played any of them.  Good thing I found the set for cheap on Amazon!  Oh the beauty of waiting to play things until they’ve been out a while.  I’ve also finally picked up Minecraft, which I’m excited to play around in.

I’m hoping maybe making a point of playing games again will help bring me out of my work induced funk.  Otherwise it’s on to tattoos and heavy drinking.

What do you default to when your mood takes a nosedive?


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  1. I need to play more of the games that I stopped playing for awhile. I’m saved right before the boss battles in Skyward Sword and Okami – I should really finish those. I’ve had a group playing Borderlands 2 with me on and off for awhile, so I haven’t touched those other games.

    Your poor Xbox needs some love!

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