Hello Tuesday, Where Did You Come From?

This is my embarrassed face.


Yesterday was supposed to be easy.  I went into work obnoxiously early again, so I was supposed to get off early, go grocery shopping, write a post, listen to podcasts while I cut fabric, and go to bed at a normal time so I could start today all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

What actually happened was that I left work late, got groceries, got called back into work to fix a problem, then suddenly had the in-laws coming over for dinner so I had to clean the house and cook dinner while Geoff worked on the deck.  I ended up not having any time for myself until almost 8:30, and at that point I was so worried about getting my fabric cut that everything else slipped my mind.

Cut to this morning while I’m swearing at all my equipment that went offline due to a power outage caused by a massive storm, and I realize that I forgot to post.  I know you hang on my every word, so I feel bad about it.  Lucky for you this Saturday is a post day!

Posts will resume Thursday like they should. For now I am going to hang my head in shame while I continue to swear at my failed 24 hour test run that apparently was not connected to a UPS.


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