TCoFTH: My Garage Smells Like A Lumber Yard

Our deck is in need of some help.  Because we’re super helpful people, we decided the best course of action was to just put it out of its misery.

I must say, if you’re going to destroy a deck that has railing, the most satisfying way of removing the railing is unscrewing the bottom portion so it’s loose and then kicking the spindles out.  Flying wood EVERYWHERE.  Grif was sad though…we kept throwing huge “sticks” and wouldn’t let him chase them!

Geoff and the awesome FIL spent the weekend destroying the top boards and setting posts for the new layout.  We’re making it a bit bigger because “why the hell not?”  Some new post holes, and some clever nurse skills on my part on the resulting blisters later we had the setup for a new deck!

But wait, there’s more.

Since we’re overly particular and like making things harder than they need to be, we’re also changing which direction the boards go so we can minimize gaps.  This means modifying the existing foundation to support the new load direction…hence the large amount of wood.

The current goal is to get all the extra foundation boards in place by the end of the week so we can lay the top before our trip to RTX.  We’re planning on making it a platform style, with railing only on the side that will face the “wilderness” area to the side of the house (aka the greenery cluster surrounding the AC).

There’s been all kinds of craziness between all our house and personal projects, hopefully I’ll be able to catch you guys up in due time.  How are you enjoying the overdue presence of summer?


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  1. oh decks 🙂 our new deck (or to-be deck I suppose is more technically correct still…) will need replacing in the near-ish future. I think we will plan to paint the house next summer and then do the deck the summer after.

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