TCoFTH: That’s Right, We’re Classy And Have A Dining Room

Way back in the day, you may remember me saying I was super excited because our house had a formal dining room.  For a while it has remained empty and been the area we confine Grif to during the day so he doesn’t destroy things.  Well, we decided it was finally time to get cracking on it.

We liked our test patch of the teal (well I did, Geoff still wasn’t convinced), so we bought a full-sized pail of it and went to town.  Since we planned on putting up wainscoting, we only needed to paint the top half.  It was kind of a cool eye trick, the teal was so bright that it actually made the weird green color that was originally on the wall look beige.  It wasn’t until you stepped way back or saw it against the actual beige in the hallway that you realized your brain just couldn’t handle it.

Unfortunately, the wall stayed like this for weeks, because we were busy and easily distracted by other projects.  It wasn’t until we had a rainy weekend that we decided to tackle it once more.  We painted the white on the lower half, again not really having to worry about perfect lines (which is sort of the most awesome way to paint).

After we got the white up, we went and picked out trim for the wainscoting.  This was probably the hardest part…there are people much more creative than I who are good at layering trims to essentially create a custom piece, and that is what is normally used for the top portion of wainscoting.  So, we sort of crossed our fingers that it would work out and picked a piece of chair rail that we thought looked good on its own, bought a ridiculous amount, and set out to get it on the wall.  Of course, this meant Geoff had to buy a new saw, which he was really upset about.


The rail went up without too much trouble, which is a new concept for us as far as house projects go.  The next step is to build the panels.  I used my awesome math skills to figure out how to split up them up on all our oddly dimensioned walls, so now all we have to do is mock them up with tape to make sure we like it (which I’m sure we will because my math skills are sort of awesome), then go actually buy the trim.  Which means we have to find the trim…we know exactly what we want, we’ve seen it in other houses all the time, but we can’t frigging find it in a store!  I think we must be blind or something…

So anywho, that’s where the dining room currently stands!  We have yet again gotten distracted with another project, so it will probably stay in this state for another few weeks.  I’m also chugging away on my backpack project because that trip is in only 3 weeks and I’m still working on the embroidery.  Expect an update on that soon, as well as a post on E3 because my status as a gamer requires I talk about it.  Spoiler alert: you’ll see it in 2 days 🙂

Any of you have some projects you’re working on that you’re excited about, either work or personal?  Have any awesome summer plans coming up?


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  1. That is a HUGE improvement! Nice work! I am so excited to start painting and timming out our new house. Horray for projects!

    • Thanks! It still has a way to go, but it’s definitely way better than “baby poo green”. Can’t wait to see what projects you guys start!

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