Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…Or Are Insanely Busy

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary!  Yay!

It’s an odd thing.  On the one hand, I can’t believe it has already been a year.  It feels like we got married only a few weeks ago, like our life together is only just starting.  Although I guess it really still is.  All the same, I don’t know where the time has gone.

On the other hand, I can’t believe it has only been a year.  So much has happened and changed, that the idea it all took place in a single year is incredible.

We celebrated by making a point of only doing things we wanted to do.  If the words “have to” or “should” appeared in front of it, it was off the table.

Friday we took Grif downtown with us to explore the art fair that had popped up for the weekend.  It was great practice for him to be around so many people (apparently being so cute everyone wants to pet you is exhausting), and it was good for us to kind of learn how to handle him in such a crowd.  The fair itself was awesome, with tons to see, much of it impressive.  We bought a ceramic bowl with a gorgeous deep purple glaze on it from one vendor, then called it a night.  There were many more things we would have loved to have bought, but alas we have yet to win the lottery.  We certainly left with an “if we’re ever millionaires” wish list.

Saturday we hit up the farmer’s market for the first time this season.  We found some good stuff there, and a number of new vendors. I think the favorite was the couple with beer-based skin care.  You heard me right.  They make soaps and some magical thing called beard oil from the used brewing ingredients breweries usually throw out.  It all kind of smells fantastic.  When we got home I went for a run (I’m officially through my third week of 5K training!) before heading off to the salon to get my makeup done for the night. I feel compelled to point out that I’m not usually an “oh let’s get my makeup done” person, but it was free and I’m not one to turn down free offers for makeup.  Anywho, we had a low-key afternoon and then headed out to our anniversary dinner.

We decided to go on the fancier side of things and went to an Italian restaurant downtown where they actually offer a chef’s table. We sat with a small group in an almost stadium-like seating arrangement and talked with the chef while we watched him cook us a 5 course dinner.  It was an awesome experience.  He’d explain what he was doing and why he was doing it, and try to engage all of us as well.  The food was excellent, and the wine pairings that came with each course really added a whole new level to the dinner.

Sunday, our actual anniversary, was pretty mellow.  We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel because I suggested making french toast before realizing neither of us really wanted to go through that effort but now we really wanted french toast.  After church we did our customary Sunday grocery shopping, then took Grif for his first haircut.  Normally for dogs of the wire-haired variety you don’t really need to do haircuts, but because Grif is a mix of coat varieties his fur/hair had gotten a little unruly.

He seemed to do pretty well with it, but I guess he had a traumatic experience involving his toenail getting caught in the grating of the bath tub and it took 10 minutes for the groomer to get him down off her shoulder so she could actually do anything else.

We had tried to freeze the top layer of our wedding cake last year, so we pulled it out to try to eat it on Sunday.  Apparently my extensive Googling served me well, because it actually came out pretty much intact!  It was a little on the dry side, but not so much that a glass of milk couldn’t fix it.  While it’s much too late to impart this knowledge to most of the friends I have, I am totally going to write a wedding post on how to store your cake because I’m convinced I’ve discovered some crazy secret.

So, happy anniversary to us!  Thanks for an interesting and amazing year honey, I can’t wait to see what this next one has in store 🙂


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  1. Yay! Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful anniversary weekend! How did you get a free makeup appointment? As you know, I am not particularly makeup-y but I would totally go get my makeup done for free (it’s mostly that I am too lazy to figure out how to do my own makeup)! That dinner sounds amazing! What a cool experience!

    And that pic of Grif in the car is freakin’ adorable…

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