TCoFTH:We Have A Plan! Sort Of. Kind Of. Ish.

The final quote for the garage came in, and while the overall scheme is better than the others it still costs more than we were prepared for.  It’s not that we can’t handle it, but it throws some of our other plans into question, and that question is “what is more important in the long run?”

So, we made a point of sitting down and looking through everything we want to do and the expected costs, and came up with a rough plan.  You ready for this?

Since the main point of the garage is for Geoff to have a workspace for the car, it’d be kind of silly to spend all this money on said workspace if not a lot of work is going to happen.  So, Geoff is going to give up his garage parking for a month and move the racecar over from its storage location to our garage and see how much work gets done on it.  If he doesn’t have enough free time to work on it to justify building a dedicated space, then we will evaluate what happens to the car and scrap the garage extension idea.  If it’s a justifiable venture, then we’ll evaluate when we actually build it (mid-summer, late summer/early fall, etc) and plan out how to finance it.

It’s our frame! Still needs a lot of work…

If we scrap the garage extension, then we have funds freed up for other projects we’ve talked about doing.  Our basement is framed up but unfinished, and somewhere along the line we’d like to finish most of it and create an awesome hangout place; we like to entertain, so it’d be awesome to have a space for that.  Our deck is also in need of some serious help, so after much concrete/paver/deck debate we’ve come up with a rough plan of how we want to handle that (i.e. rebuild the deck and make it a platform rather than enclosed).

Now that summer is in full swing (as long as you ignore the random frost warning we had earlier this week…seriously what the heck?) and our front landscape is “in bloom” it’s obvious our front needs some major work too.  As someone who’s watched my parents deal with bad landscape after bad landscape with the constant moving, it’s apparent to me someone redid it themselves at some point and planned it for what the bushes/flowers looked like in their smaller form and not for how they would fill in once they grew.  It’s a mess and a half.  There is one tree and possibly one bush we like, but don’t like where they are located.  We have some ideas for what we would like to do, but the first obstacle is removing all the junk.  The current plan to solve that issue is to offer up pizza and beer for a day for anyone who wants to come help tear stuff out.  Even if we don’t have the time/energy/money to fill it back in this year, at least it won’t look like an overgrown mess.

We are also still in need of dining room furniture.  It’s not been a huge problem yet since the dining room itself is still sitting unfinished, but since that project is drawing to a close (I swear one of these days I will remember to do a post on it so you can see what’s happening) it’s something we’re more interested in getting accomplished.  We still can’t really agree on what it is we’re looking for or how much we’d be willing to spend on it, so progress is sort of impossible on that front until we end up on the same page.

So, that’s kind of where we stand right now.  Hopefully things start coming together soon!


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  1. Looking forward to bouncing home ideas off of you over these next months and years!

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