TCoFTH: It’s All About Presentation

He has nothing to do with this post, but this was just too adorable to not start with.

We had one heck of a productive weekend.  I’m actually impressed.

Remember the garden I de-weeded?  Yeah, that didn’t last more than 2 weeks.  So I de-weeded it again.  And it still came back, with a vengeance.  So, this weekend was the last-ditch effort, we de-weeded it a third time and did this:

The mess all the way on the left is what the whole thing looked like before the third de-weeding.

I have a garden!  Well, I hope anyways.  More like I have a square of dirt that I filled with seeds and seedlings that I hope don’t die immediately.  I’m attempting 3 different tomato varieties, sugar snap peas, jalapenos, basil, rosemary, mint, cilantro, and parsley.  I’m actually not holding out hope for anything beyond the tomatoes.  Partially because I decided to “save money” and try things from seeds instead of pre-started plants.  Mostly because I just can’t grow things.  But I guess we’ll see!

The plants off to the left of the barrier are actually remnants of flowers we had originally purchased for some minor landscaping elsewhere, but procrastinated too long in planting and they mostly sort of died off.  Anything the bunnies didn’t get to we’ve planted here just to see if I can resurrect them.  Again, not actually holding out hope it’s going to work.

The minor landscaping was up next.  We took advantage of some great holiday weekend sales at Home Depot and bought some cheap seedlings and planted them (along with some petunias I managed to not kill when we bought the original batch of flowers) around the trees we have in our backyard.  We cleared out the old red faded mulch and filled the boxes with some fresh garden soil before arranging our collection of bright flowers.  I’m hoping they flourish, because it’s really pretty already!

So now that that is looking fabulous, we spent the rest of our weekend focusing on other projects.  For me the big one was getting my talk all prepped for the physics workshop/conference/thingy I’m going to this week.  Holy crackers that snuck up on me quick.  I only just now finished putting the PowerPoint together, and I have about 16 hours until I’m supposed to call the rest of the group to do a practice run.  Hopefully I can figure out what the heck I plan on saying before that moment.  Outside of that, we also went to town on our dining room, but that will have to wait for another post.

Did you all have a good holiday weekend?


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  1. Good weekend, with lots of gardening (once the rain stopped).

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