Secret Saturday: The Backpack Update

I forgot how much work embroidery is.

A few weeks ago, I revealed a plan to make a backpack for my trip to RTX.  I caved and bought a pattern rather than creating my own, simply because I know myself too well and I would either overlook something important or would procrastinate on it to the point that by the time I finished the pattern it’d be too late to actually make anything with it.

I simultaneously have and haven’t made much progress.  I am finishing up the embroidery, which took way more time than I anticipated. I ended up finding essentially white carbon paper intended for artists and used that to transfer the pattern onto the fabric.  The design is something featured on one of the shirts they sell (which I FINALLY was able to order this last week after it was out of stock since January), and something I thought would translate well in embroidery.  I ripped it from an image of their shirt, and did some basic editing to get it scaled and colored appropriately to make the transfer easy.  Of course, since I blew it up in size the edges got really fuzzy, so I had to get a little creative in deciding where lines started and stopped.  It’s not perfect, but I don’t think it’s half bad…

I have all the pieces cut out, so once the embroidery is done it’s just assembly time.  I already have bobbins wound, correct needles installed, and the machine threaded, so in theory it should be smooth sailing from that point.  My machine came with a double needle, so I’m entertaining the idea of playing with some creative top-stitching.  I’m also thinking I may have one more embroidery addition to a side panel, but it would be a quick 2 hour job.

It’s sad when 2 hours is quick.

I’m hoping to have the embroidery finished this week, simply because the event is in a month and I will seriously doubt my ability to get this thing done if it goes any longer.



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  1. looks good!

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