My Knees Are Out Of Shape

That is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve said in a long while.  And I say a lot of weird things.

Geoff and I said last year that we wanted to run a 5K.  Not like we’re all super gung-ho about running, but figured it would be a good fitness goal.  Geoff didn’t really have any running under his belt, and I have limited my “running” in the past few years to ellipticals out of a combination of fear of aggravating old sports injuries with impact and a dislike of insect encounters running outside.

That never materialized last year because of how busy we got with the wedding and my job search.  We decided that one of our resolutions this year would be to actually run one this summer.  We had all winter to train, so it’d be a piece of cake, right?

Yeah, you know us too well.  We didn’t really do squat.  I mean we worked out, but we didn’t really work on our running skills.  So here we are, the weather is warm and 5Ks are starting, and we are exactly where we were 6 months ago.  There’s one called the Zombie Dash that we really want to do in August, so that’s our new goal.  The difference this time is we’re registering with a group, so now there’s some accountability and we actually have to go now.

While I’m not really starting from the “couch” position, what with my (semi) regular workouts, but I figured it’d be a good idea to at least start with one of the traditional Couch-to-5K programs.  The plan was to start at week 1 day 1, and if that was as easy as I anticipated I’d just go to week 2 day 1, and so on and so forth until I actually hit something that was challenging.

What I did not expect was that while my breathing, heart rate, and muscles were more than fine with the initial workout, my knees killed.  Absolutely killed.  I feel like I’m 90.  And now that the workout is over they don’t just hurt the way I’m used to, they somehow have taken the soreness I usually feel in places like my calves or quads and plopped it right in the middle of the joint.  It’s so weird.  I know I didn’t injure anything; I’m very familiar with that feeling.

They’re just out of shape.

I guess I’m doing the workouts the way the program intends until my knees stop being silly and stop acting like they’ve never moved with real purpose.  Anyone else ever surprised by where you feel a workout?


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  1. The 5K’s sound like fun – it’s great that you guys are trying to do that together. I’m sorry about your knees though; knee pain is awful, especially when you’re trying to get into a routine. Even though you haven’t injured anything, you should still probably ice your knees after your workouts. I blew out my right knee running 6+ miles a day on the asphalt in Central Park in college, so I can’t really do much other than the elliptical anymore. Good luck with the running!

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