It’s Not All Bad: Life Update

Hi all!  I realized I’ve had a lot of big posts lately about major things, but there are lots of smaller things going on that have sort of slipped through the cracks and never made their way on here, so I’m going to give you a quick “here’s what’s happening when I’m not sleeping or hating my job” post!

Grif had an exciting week.  He went in on Tuesday to get neutered, and while they had him unconscious they also pulled some stubborn baby teeth that were wedged in next to the adult ones, chipped him, and clipped all his nails since he panics when you try to do it normally.  Poor guy was literally sore from head to tail, but handled it well.  Despite the drugs and stitches, he was still super happy to see everyone at the vet’s office all day until we were able to pick him up.

After seeing these, I now totally get why he chewed on the wall. I’d be trying to get these out of my mouth too.

Of course, surgery means the cone of shame has to make an appearance.  He was not too thrilled about it at first, but then got the hang of it.  Sort of.  Mostly. Ish.  Okay he figured out how to sleep and eat in it, but he never really did figure out the whole spatial thing.  But he’s stopped bothering the area for the most part, so the cone is now off.  It’s a little sad, he was kind of cute with it.

This weekend we traveled back to IL for my sister’s graduation.  She finished out her associate’s in accounting!  My dad was able to come up, so it was nice to be home with the whole family again.  Grif played with his Aunt Trixie and Uncle Charlie, we got to walk around our favorite downtown area (and visit the Spice House!), and all in all it was fantastic.

Zero progress has been made on the house.  We still haven’t patched the hole Grif chewed in the wall, or agreed on trim for the wainscoting we want to put up, or done any real yard work since the initial weed removal.  The tulips in the front came and went, and a second round of plants is showing up and appears to be pale yellow irises.  As not happy was I was with the prospect of tons of tulips, I really wish these were tulips instead.  These suckers are for sure coming out come fall.

The garage is on hold.  The quotes all came in, and by the time we got everything sorted out, we realized it was a good chunk more money than we had anticipated or were willing to spend.  On the one hand, we could spend the year saving up to make the addition next year and hope that maybe some of the costs would drop.  On the other hand, we really want to replace the deck with a patio and can’t really do that until the garage foundation is laid.  We’re at a bit of an impasse.  We found one more contractor to take a look at thing, and he sounds like he is willing to work with us as far as our concerns over costs go (he’s actually suggested building in stages, and laying the concrete now so we can start on the patio, then waiting for lumber prices to fall to finish construction in the late summer).  We’ll get an official quote from him later this week, so we’ll see!

I’m still cranking away on the backpack, which will have an update later, but I’m taking a break so I can focus on the presentation I have to write for the physics workshop I’m going to next week.  I haven’t even started writing it yet…which is probably not a good thing.  Actually now that I’ve said that I’m feeling guilty for not working on it, sooooooo end post.

Wait, one more thing…how are you guys?!  I know there’s some exciting times going on for some of you 🙂


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  1. glad to see you have some bright spots to focus on 🙂

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