Facebook Is A Great Way To Kill Any Respect People Might Have For You

I’m going to get on a soapbox here.

You have to be careful with Facebook.  It is a great way to stay in touch with people.  It is a great way to promote yourself.  It is also a great way to make a total ass of yourself.

This showed up in my news feed from one of those people I used to be friends with and now consider more of an acquaintance and have kept on my friends list mostly out of laziness and partially out of morbid curiosity.

Okay, I’m going to ignore all the obvious things wrong with this and go straight for the biggie: there are very few situations where you can call one of your parents an asshole and not come out looking like the asshole yourself.  Your parents giving you the “get a job or we’ll take your phone” ultimatum is not one of them.  Even if you are 16 years old.

This person, however, does not even have the 16-year-old “Chicken Little” excuse.  This status makes me embarrassed to be in the same age group.  It is the perfect poster for what is wrong with a depressingly large portion of my generation, and fuel for the argument that we are an entitled bunch.  I would like to think there is more to this story, but my imagination is hard-pressed to come up with possibly missing details that would make this status reasonable.

There is obviously a disconnect in what “living on your own” means anymore.  In this dangerous combination of a culture that pushes the idea that we are all special snowflakes that deserve the world while simultaneously insisting we owe nothing in return, this mindset of “I don’t live under your roof so I don’t have to follow your rules, but I still expect you to support me” is spreading.  You are not living on your own if your parents (or anyone else for that matter) are still paying your bills and have the authority to take things away from you.  Having a different address is irrelevant.  Living away from home and living on your own are not synonymous.

Being adult means dealing with reality, unpleasant or not.  At the age of 25, it should not have to be spelled out for you that you need a job.  Yes the market is tough and you can’t just run out and get a job like you’re running errands, but if you have reached the point that your parents have to threaten to ground you high school style there is a larger issue that cannot be blamed on the market.

The fact that you parents have the ability to ground you as if you were 16 again should mean I am not surprised at your 16-year-old-esque reaction, especially considering some of your past actions (you don’t want me to even start on the questionable morals put on display in college).  I do find myself surprised though, because despite your history of acting less than your age, I expected more from you.  At the very least I expected you to be smart enough to not put it on Facebook.

And perhaps that is my biggest problem here.  Facebook is the public’s window into your life and what you have put on display is your inability to take care of yourself, your disrespect for your parents, your attitude of entitlement, and your aversion to personal responsibility.  I understand we all have hard times, but to throw a hissy fit and take it public?  What little respect I had left for you has flown out the window.  Congratulations on proving that we have a long way to go.


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