If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, We Have A Ton Of Words: Wedding Photo Albums

Geoff and I have been married for 11 months now.  On the one hand, it’s weird.  On the other hand, it’s weird that it’s weird, so we just laugh about it.  We’re weird people.

That being said, that means we’ve had our pictures for about 9 months.  We shared some on Facebook, I shared some here, and we printed a few copies for parents and the like, but we hadn’t done anything else with them yet.  I really wanted an album, and we spent weeks (i.e., way too long) talking about how we would handle that.  The album offered by our photographers was too expensive for our taste, not to mention I liked the idea of giving an album to our parents as well and that was going to be a ridiculous cost.  The photobooks I had seen from places like Snapfish felt too cheap to me to contain wedding photos and be a keepsake.

One of the only good things to come out of the bridal shows I went to was that I found a company that existed solely for the purpose of putting together the fancy albums photographers offer, but at a much lower relative cost.  The examples looked exactly like the ones our photographer offered, but had more room for customization and for 60% of the cost of one album from the photographer we could get an album for us as well as two more for our parents.  It was an awesome deal, so we put down a $50 deposit to secure that pricing and called it good.

Fast forward to 3 months ago when we sat down and said “you know, we should probably actually work on selecting pictures so we can get an album together”.  We started pulling pictures, and tried to figure out how big of an album we wanted.  At this point, Geoff started to question the cost.  Yes it was much cheaper than doing something through our photographer, but was it really worth putting this money into it?  I was a little less than thrilled, not only because I thought we had agreed on this almost a year ago, but because I really wanted a nice album and what I heard him saying was that he didn’t.

As if on cue, my friend Lauren over at Turtle in Seattle posted a review/comparison of various online photobook producers.  I emailed her with some more specific questions about the one that seemed to be her favorite (Adoramapix), mostly trying to figure out if the quality was comparable to the book I would expect to get from the photographer.  Over the course of the conversation I learned three things:

1) I did not have the patience to learn a less than intuitive software for the purposes of putting together an album.
2) Assuming I could pull off #1, with the exception of about 6 photos I had no idea how to group things to create an attractive looking page.
3) Lauren is sort of awesome at #1 and #2.

So what did we do?  We let an expert handle it, and actually paid Lauren to put our album together for us!  We bundled up (almost) all of our pictures onto a USB stick, grouped some according to priority for making an appearance in the album, and mailed it off to her.  A week later we had our first draft, and over the next two weeks we emailed back and forth to tweak it to perfection.  She was fantastically patient with us and was able to figure out what we wanted even when we weren’t exactly sure ourselves.  I wouldn’t say we were difficult, but we definitely didn’t make it easy (how many times did we go “oops, we forgot to send you a picture, here it is, can you find a space for it?”).

We waited until there was a sale before ordering any of the books.  We just received the ones for our parents, an 8×8 version of the 12×12 we’ll be ordering for ourselves, and we’re pretty happy!  The quality is fabulous, and between the materials used to build the books and Lauren’s fantastic work we are excited to be able to give these to our parents and can’t wait to get our own.  If I had to pick on something, I’d say the cover creases a little, and on the pages attached to the inside of the cover you can see the cover foldover a little, but I’m just being picky.

If you’re looking for a great quality photobook, whether for fun or for a keepsake, I would definitely recommend Adoramapix.  If you’re wanting all that without having the time to do it yourself, I definitely highly recommend talking to Lauren.  Seriously.


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  1. I am so glad that you are happy with the books! It was great working with you guys 🙂

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