Secret Saturday: Why Yes, I’d Love A Chance To Wet My Pants In Front Of A Crowd

You  might remember that before I came to MI, I had a temporary gig working for an MIT professor.  The work was a relative success, so when I left the grad student informed me he had started putting the data together in a paper and that he would be contacting me for input on the paper contents later.  There was a little back and forth between him and myself, and the professor, and eventually we came up with a paper we were all happy with that presented the results of our little experiment.

Fast forward to January, when I received an email that the paper had been accepted for publication.  We had very minimal changes requested by the reviewers, so by the end of the month I officially became a published scientist.  Not bad for a girl who didn’t go to grad school!

Last month I got another email from the MIT professor.  There is a workshop thing being hosted at my old stomping grounds (i.e. Fermi) on the neutrino experiment I did the work for.  She would like for the paper to be presented at said workshop, and the grad student who I worked with is already presenting something else.  She said it would be no problem for him to present on two topics, but she was hoping I might be interested in presenting.

This is a picture of a neutrino event from the Super Kamiokande in Japan. Proof that science is beautiful if you ask me.

So, in 3 weeks I’ll be hanging out with my old Fermi buddies and trying to not pee myself in front of a room full of people way smarter than me.  I’m super excited, but kind of terrified.  It’s a great opportunity, and as far as talks go this isn’t too overly nerve-wracking, but it’s still presenting an idea to people who probably know more about it than me and trying to not sound like an idiot.

I called in to listen to the grad student give a practice talk since he’s presenting the paper at another conference right now, which was incredibly helpful.  I’ve never done anything like this, so I really have no idea what I’m doing.  I have a copy of his slides, as well as notes I took during his practice run, so I’m hoping I can make something respectable using that as a guide.  I’m hoping to have it done by the end of this next weekend so I can send it off to him and the professor to take a look at, but with my work schedule I have no idea if that’s even a realistic goal, much less an attainable one.  I guess we’ll see!

In any event, for a few days I get to pretend I’m back in a job I like, so I’m excited.  And I get to see some old friends!  So really it’s just a win all around.


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