Dresses, Drinking, Dancing, Driving, and Destructive Dogs

This weekend was my best friend LK’s wedding.  Absolutely everything about it was gorgeous.  The weather, the bride, the ceremony, just stunning.  It was a Catholic ceremony, but they still managed to work in so many personal touches that I ended up crying way more at her wedding than I did at my own.  Although I partially blame it on her whole family being really emotional and me being a sympathetic crier.  I could hear her cousins behind me crying, and then I saw the groom crying, but as soon as I saw her brother losing it I was a goner.  But everyone’s makeup stayed intact, so it’s okay.

Perhaps the most dreaded part for me was having to give a speech as the maid/matron of honor before dinner.  I knew this was coming for months, but couldn’t quite find the right words to say.  I had little smatterings of ideas, but nothing came together right.  The morning of the wedding I made this comment on Facebook:

Apparently LK and her whole family were together when that went up, and they all laughed for a solid couple of minutes, and then decided that would probably be the funniest “speech” I could possibly do.  We decided that would be my backup plan.

My biggest fear was that I’d start doing the stereotypical thing where I’d get so emotional I start crying to the level where all you hear is some high-pitched sounds and no actual words.  My second biggest fear was that since I hadn’t been able to come up with anything ahead of time that I would either ramble and accidentally embarrass someone or make no sense.  Without giving you the play-by-play, I will tell you that I’ve been told I stayed intelligible the whole time despite crying towards the end (and man, I am not a graceful crier), and that I apparently made a speech that was what they expected from me: it started funny, and ended sweet, and I apparently made some people cry.  Score.

In the morning we had breakfast with my mom and sister (dad couldn’t make it up from AK) before they hit the road, and shortly thereafter we packed up and went to see my friends JJ and KJ.  They recently got engaged as well (he proposed on a glacier while on a ski trip, how cool is that?!), so it was exciting to get to spend a little time with them.  What I did not expect was that JJ and some of our other friends had all chipped in to buy a rally car and that JJ was going to take us for a spin.  What I really did not expect was this conversation:

JJ: Hey Jenn, you know how to drive a stick right?
Me: Well, sort of.  I mean I technically know how to, but I wasn’t ever very good at it and it’s been over a year.
JJ: Ah, okay.
*10 minutes later, JJ turns into a subdivision and pulls over to the side of the road*
JJ: Okay, Jenn’s turn to drive!
Me: Oh, um, are you sure?
JJ: Oh yeah, you’ll be fine.  You can’t really break it.  It’ll be fine, and we’re in a sub.
Me: Ooookay then.
*10 minutes later*
Me: Hey, uh, JJ?  That looks like a road up there.  Like an actual road.
JJ: Yep, we’re going on the road.  You’ll be fine.  And I have insurance.

SO, I not only got a refresher course in driving a manual, but I actually went on real roads for the first time, AND magically didn’t stall it the entire 45 minutes.  That’s not to say I didn’t almost stall it 13 different times, but it never actually stalled so it counts.  I even had my first successful smooth downshift.  I was sort of grinning so hard I thought my face might split in two.

From there we went to LK’s parents’ house for a brunch held for family and bridal party, and I played my final round of catch-up with people there.  After some middle-school like giggling (LK and I sort of maybe were plotting to get two people together at the wedding and we sort of maybe were successful and we sort of maybe really excited about it), Geoff and I hit the road to head back home.  A friend of ours had been staying at the house to watch Grif for us, and with the exception of a text message that said “don’t go through the front door, I’ll explain later” it seemed her puppy sitting weekend had been relatively uneventful.

Then we got home.

The vet had mentioned two weeks ago he thought Grif might have some anxiety issues (it took 4 people to take blood from a 12lb dog).  Between the missing drywall, chewed up chair legs, rug shreds, and apparent howling in the middle of the room I’m thinking he may be on to something.  It started up shortly after that vet visit, and has progressed rapidly from there.  We’re hoping that maybe it’s just being compounded by some of his baby teeth refusing to fall out bothering him, but if this is what we’re going to routinely come home to this could be bad.  Hopefully next week when the teeth get taken care of he’ll go back to normal.

That’s all for now.  Did you all have a good weekend?  Has your weather finally started to level out?


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  1. Wow! Sounds like an epic weekend! Congrats on the lack of embarrassing crying and on successfully downshifting for the first time. I haven’t driven a stick shift in a long time…

    Also proposing on a glacier is adorable… 🙂

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