I Had My Cake, And Ate It Too

You may remember about a year ago I talked about my awesome bridal shower.  Of all the fantasticness that it was, there was a small hiccup in that the bakery that was doing our wedding cake was also supposed to do a cake for the shower…and they forgot.  They said the order ended up in the wrong place or something, so it just never got made, and they didn’t realize their mistake until Geoff showed up to pick it up.  They scrambled and put together a “regular” cake so that we could have something (“regular” in that the personalized design they had set up for me couldn’t be done and they just had to pull whatever cake was available rather than the flavor I had wanted) and gave us a coupon for a freebie to make up for it.

We had been talking for a while about using the coupon to get a 1 year anniversary cake since we aren’t too sure our top-tier has survived the freezing process (I guess we’ll find out in 2 months won’t we!), and kept saying we just needed to get the order in, but never remembered to call.  Afterall, that was a ways away.  Well, fast forward to earlier this week, when we brought it up again.  At this point we actually pulled out the coupon and realize that it was only good until May 1st.

You know, yesterday.


With our plans out the window for the anniversary cake, we decided we’d just have a “we’re just that awesome” cake.  Geoff called on Tuesday and managed to get in an order to be picked up yesterday.  He told me he had them do something fun to it, but that I’d have to wait and see to find out what it was.  This is what I came home to:

My husband is awesome.

This weekend we’re heading to the east side of the state for my best friend’s wedding!  Don’t worry, I know it sounds exactly like the movie title, but I’m married and she’s a, well, she.  I still have to write my maid of honor speech, but I sort of already have it figured out so it’s not that bad.  Although every time I go through it in my head I start doing that “I’m so trying not to cry aw crap I’m crying” thing, soooo I’m hoping I can get past that so I don’t start half sobbing like I did at Geoff’s sister’s wedding.

Congrats LK and JK!  Can’t wait to see you guys tie the knot this weekend 🙂


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