TCoFTH: The Man Cave

When we were house hunting, one of the things we were looking for was the ability to expand the garage or put up an outbuilding.  Geoff wanted a workshop space for woodworking and the racecar, so this space was a necessity.  Part of the reason we really liked this house was that the garage was attached but not fully incorporated into the house, meaning we could easily extend it back without running into any of the rest of the house.  We planned on starting to collect quotes in the spring, and had a budget already in mind for the project.

Then spring came and we started getting quotes, and a few things happened.

The first thing that happened is that I got cold feet.  The kitchen is right next to the garage.  Of all my complaints about the kitchen, the one thing I really like about it is the window over the sink and the light it lets in.  The problem is that I realized that with the original dimensions of the garage extension that Geoff wanted, I was going to lose a lot of the view of the backyard and possibly a good bit of the light along with it.  Obviously, this does not make me happy, but I had already promised Geoff he could have his garage.  So, we’ve had a few “discussions” about the subject, which at first ended in the conclusion of “Jenn is ridiculous” (don’t worry, mutual conclusion).  Earlier this week, though, we bought some stakes and marked out some of the different dimensions Geoff was willing to entertain, and he agreed that the original plan was going to cut more into the yard and the view than even he would like.  A secondary option made both of us happy, so now that’s out of the way.

The second thing that happened is the first guy came back with a quote about 2 weeks before we got any other quotes.  Without throwing exact numbers around, the first guy came in at more than double what we had budgeted.  Double.  The guy came back at our request to sit down and talk through where all the numbers came from, and he had quoted a couple of things we had asked him not to, but removing those only saved us about 10%.

The third thing was the rest of the quotes started coming in.  They were much, much lower than the first guy which was good, but they covered such a wide range of things it got more difficult to compare them.  We have been planning to rip out the deck and replace it with a concrete patio, and figured it’d be a good idea to do it at the same time as the garage since we’ll have to have a cement truck out here for the garage foundation anywho.  We didn’t think about doing them at the same time until after we had started requesting quotes, so some of the quotes have a patio and some of them don’t.  Some have heat and some don’t.  Some people we had quote fixing the insulation in our bonus room.  Some of the quotes have different kinds of insulation for the garage.  It’s all over, and really complicated.

We’re still waiting on a few other quotes before we full on tackle trying to make decisions, but it’s definitely already more of an adventure at this stage than we anticipated.  Hopefully we’ll be able to discuss it this coming weekend and make a decision so that work can get started mid-May.

Oh the joys of home improvement…


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  1. hang in there Jenn! Just remember, it is YOUR house and ultimatly YOU are in charge of who you pick and what they do 🙂

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