Secret Saturday: The Backpack

I told you a little while ago that I’m heading to RTX this summer.  I need to take a backpack or something for the convention floor since you pretty much live there the entire day.  This is the kind of event where you want your laptop with you and possibly a game controller, in addition to normal stuff you take with you when you’re spending the day out like water and some snacks so you don’t keel over and die.  Especially water, since this is Texas in July.

I have an old backpack from school that we use for plane trips and the like, but this is a nerd event.  I have to show off my level of nerdiness, so the regular backpack just won’t do.  I can’t put pins on it since we’re (attempting to) not check any luggage and you can’t take sharp objects through security (except for apparently pocket knives?), although even if I could I’m not sure I could find pins that would really work either.  I could buy an already nerded up pack, but I can’t find one of the style and correct subject matter that I like.

Okay, I stand corrected. This could work if I can find someone who still sells it. Until then, I’m still making one.

So I’m going to make one.

I’m drawing up a pattern so I can make one Jenn-sized that will still fit the items I think I need to bring, with compartments to keep it organized (no fully separated pockets though).  Once I get some of the major panels put together, I’m making it fit for convention by embroidering a design on it that screams “I’m a nerd with too much time on her hands.”  I’m going to go through a CRAP TON of embroidery floss since I want to pad it to stand out, but as long as my hands can accomplish what my brain has put together, it’s going to be sort of fantastic.

Of course, that could all change, because every time I think I’ve finalized my design I go “oooooh wait, I could do this instead”, so I’ve been “done” with my design about 3 different times now.  I’ve gone from a regular backpack (generic rectangular box) to a drawstring knapsack style to a drawstring/flap combo, and now I’m back to thinking about the regular one.  I think I’ve ruled out the plain drawstring since that would be pretty limited in size.  SO MANY DECISIONS.

Screw it, I’m buying a pattern.

It doesn’t help that I’m having to relearn how to use a sewing machine, and I’m doing so on a fancy one at that.  Operating under the assumption that the old one would still actually, you know, function, was a bad choice and set me behind a little.  I found the perfect fabric for it, though the darkness is going to make it difficult to transfer the design pattern for the embroidery.  I found an iron-on transfer paper that you can use white pencil with, but apparently it doesn’t wash out too well and that could potentially be a problem.  Any pearls of wisdom from the peanut gallery?


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