Good News! We Lived! LK’s Bachelorette Party

My best friend LK’s bachelorette party was this weekend.  This is the party I had a hard time planning due to the total lack of communication with the other girls, but managed to pull off nonetheless.

For reasons that will become obvious, I will not be posting pictures 🙂

Friday night my sister made it to town, and after an awesome dinner we set to work on the cake.  LK likes really random cake flavors, and for a while I thought about using one of them, but for the sake of everyone at the party I decided that it was probably safest to just go with something regular.  Well, regular-ish. It’s a party, it has to be fun, right?  Soooo Funfetti cake it was!  But, of course, this is a bachelorette party, so just any old cake wouldn’t do.  In the spirit of keeping the blog off the mature rating let’s just say I bought a stereotypical bachelorette party cake pan, mixed up some almost-skin colored icing, and dyed some coconut black.

We also mixed up some Jello shots, because what is a party without Jello shots.  These weren’t shaped, but that is only because I couldn’t find my Jello molds from the last bachelorette party I made them for.  Nope, these were just regular old delicious Jello shots.  I didn’t make a ton because another girl said she was going to make some too, but we certainly made a good number!

The next morning we packed up the car with a cooler and our kitchen creations from the night before, and drove across the state to the restaurant where LK’s bridal shower was being held.  I’ll spare you the details, but it was a good time.  The games were mostly a success, and LK made it most of the time without crying.

After the shower one of the bridesmaids (PR) and I ran to the hotel to get checked in and move party supplies in.  She ran off to her hotel (she had her new puppy and boyfriend with her, so they stayed elsewhere), and I ran back to LK’s house to pick her and my sister up for dinner.  We met one of the other girls at a favorite restaurant of LK’s and mine, Stir Crazy.  We had a grand time and loaded up on carbs and protein, before heading off to the hotel to meet the rest of the girls and do a little pre-partying.

Now, I should point out that LK had no idea what we were doing for the night.  She didn’t know what city we were going to, where we were staying, what we were doing, nothing.  She only knew two things: to pack an overnight bag and to bring kneepads.  Why the kneepads?  Because I had to mess with her a little bit.  For my bachelorette party last year, she gave me a list of really random items I needed to bring.  It was obvious they were a joke.  So, now that it was my turn to tell her things without telling her things, I decided to take the subtle approach.  I sent her instructions for what to pack, and casually slipped “if you have some kneepads I’d pack those, but I’m sure between all the girls we’ll have an extra set you can borrow” into the middle of it.

We arrived at the hotel, got ourselves all pretty for the night, had a couple of drinks, and explained the rules of the game for the night.  It was one of the decks of cards you can find at party stores, but it was the only one I’ve ever seen that focuses on the bride and not making everyone else do ridiculous stuff.  We dealt the cards, hopped in the cab, and made it to downtown.

Here’s the breakdown: we had 4 shots in under 30 minutes, LK got a lap dance from a dude with a beard longer than my sister’s hair, I learned way more about body shots than I ever wanted to (thankfully did not have to participate!), we lost one of the girls (don’t worry, she’s okay, just easily distracted by other people she knows and forgot to tell us), LK spent most of the night asking various men if they were virgins (thank you card game), chili cheese fries are delicious, a homeless man kissed my hand and grabbed LK’s butt, we didn’t get back to the hotel until 3:30AM, and the entire pad of my foot is just a giant blister.  When we were finally going to bed, LK asked me if I could promise her she would wake up in the morning (yes, we really did drink that much).  I told her of course, but I couldn’t promise she’d be happy about it.  Sure enough, she wakes up and the very first thing she says is “ooooooooh my gosh I wish I were dead”.

Everyone survived, and despite the hangover most people had (I managed to get away without one again!), everyone had a great time.  The downside?  The 4 hours of sleep I got Saturday night after a 20 hour day followed by the 3 hour drive home has destroyed me and I’m still on such a low-level of functioning that for the last few days I’ve strongly considered calling in to work.  At least I can walk normally now!

But seriously, I’m never doing that again.

Famous last words, right?


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