Honeymoon Day 8: Nothing Says “Welcome Back Home” Like TSA

The next morning we woke up early in the hope of catching the sunrise (something we meant to do all week, but just couldn’t make ourselves get up for it), but the weather had other plans.  We went back to bed for a little before getting up to do our last-minute packing and grab some breakfast.  We got checked out and headed back to the main lobby to wait for our shuttle.  I absolutely couldn’t leave without having one more of my favorite drink, so I ventured out to find a bar that was open at 9AM to grab one last sangria.

I flagged the bartender down and asked if 9AM was too early to get a sangria, which caught the attention of the other two guys at the bar (according to them it is never too early for sangria).  They had just gotten in the night before, so they asked me a few questions about our experience for the week and if I had any recommendations.  They were planning on the same dolphin excursion we had done, so I got to rave to them about it.  Really cool guys, I hope they had a good vacation too!

The shuttle picked us up along with a few other couples, and off to the airport we went.  We explored the duty-free to see if there was anything we just couldn’t live without before grabbing some quick sandwiches and waiting for our flight.  It was a relatively uneventful flight, though we did get to see a really cool sight when we were over the gulf: the cold and warm fronts meeting.  There was a clear definition in the front edges of the clouds, and it was such an awesome thing to see.

The layover in Baltimore is where things got really interesting.

Since we had come in from an international flight but were connecting to a domestic, we had to go through customs before rechecking our bags and going through security again.  The last time we did a Mexico trip, we were in line for customs forever on the US end.  We were expecting the same thing this time around, so imagine our surprise when we deboarded the plane, grabbed our bags, and got through customs all in under 3 minutes.  3 MINUTES!  It was crazy!  Our bags were almost the first off the carousel, and when we made our way to customs the “line” was only about 10 people long, and was going fast enough that by the time we caught up with the end of it (I hate weaving through all those queue belts!) we were already being directed up to the next agent.

Our collection of souvenirs from Mexico!

That was the good part.  Then we got to security.

I should clarify something: I don’t fly often.  Before this trip, I flew to Florida 2 years ago, Mexico the year before that, and then something like 10  years before that.  I don’t go places that are far enough that I can’t drive.  So, I haven’t been in a major airport since the body scanners went into place.  Baltimore is just the scanners.  I did not know that when they say “check your pockets” while you’re waiting in line they mean “your pockets have to be totally and completely empty”.  I thought it was the normal pocket emptying that we did back when, you know, the world wasn’t insane.  So, I didn’t think the folded up boarding pass in my pocket would be a problem.  Didn’t even think about the fact it was there.

And then I got flagged.

The angry TSA lady proceeded to pull me off to the side and rather irritatedly question me as to what was in my pocket and why it was there while she felt around the obviously flat pocket to just be absolutely sure the tiny blonde girl couldn’t have anything hidden in her butt.  Seriously, I get why the rules are there, but there has to be some sort of common sense.  I’m wearing skinny jeans and a tank top and I weigh 120lbs, what could I possibly do and where do you think I’ve hidden anything?  Considering they’re about to start allowing pocket knives again, this is a little ridiculous.  Anyways, Geoff thought it was the funniest thing, especially since he went through with a pocket full of change and other items and they didn’t do squat.

After that lovely adventure, we made our way to our terminal and grabbed a bite to eat at Obricki’s since the crab cakes are supposed to be fantastic.  Heads up: they’re good, but they’re not as good as they charge for them.  But it was still tasty and way better than normal airport food.  Our flight was a little late showing up (the theme of the trip it seems), but we didn’t get home too much later than we were supposed to.  MIL picked us up, and pretty soon we were home just long enough to realize we probably should have had a little more forethought in deciding to turn off the water heater while we were gone and promptly fell asleep from exhaustion.

Saturday was cleanup and laundry day, and Sunday I met my mom at our midway coffee shop to get Grif back.  At some point over the course of the weekend, I made a comment about how I already missed having a dessert menu.  10 minutes later Geoff handed me this:

He’s such a sweetheart, isn’t he?

Anyways, that concludes the honeymoon posts!  I’ll have a review going up later this week, then posts will go back to “normal”.  At least it’s finally starting to look like spring!


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  1. That’s so cute! I love his dessert menu! Glad you guys made it back in one piece…

  2. what a sweet hubby! I love the dessert list idea 🙂

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