On our last morning we had our last honeymoon perk: breakfast in bed.  It was just a fancier version of room service breakfast, so rather than actually eat in bed we had it set up on our balcony so we could enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible before we left.  It was a little rainy, but still way warmer than where we were heading in 24 hours.

We spent as much time out as we could, but the rain kept us on our toes and sent us running for cover on more than one occasion.  We joined in on a water volleyball game and made yet more friends.  We also discovered the ice cream machine that had been taunting us all week with its “out-of-order” sign was mysteriously working again.  We hung out on the beach when we could, and I continued my practice of trying new things that I wouldn’t want to pay to try.  This morning’s adventure was a Bloody Mary, because I had somehow made it to this point in my life without ever having one.  It was actually pretty tasty!  Definitely a drink to be in the right mood for, but one I’ll keep in mind for sure.

Since this was our last chance to pick up any souvenirs, we spent some of the rainy time inside the main building of the resort exploring the shops.  I was of course drawn to the jewelry shop, and found a beautiful necklace and bracelet combo of tanzanite and vibrant blue/green Australian opal.  In another shop Geoff found a really cool sculpture of a mariachi member riding a bicycle.

For dinner we hit the Flavor House, the tapas restaurant.  It was a little confusing, because apparently there was a particular way you were supposed to order that no one shared with us, but we apparently made it through without too much trouble.  Of all the things we tried, the ajillo beef was by far our favorite, but that is more of a testament to how delicious it was, not necessarily that the other stuff wasn’t fantastic.  After dinner we made our way to the martini bar and enjoyed a few drinks.  We grabbed some “for the road” before heading back to the room, and I took one more swing and trying something new.  I got an Old Fashioned, which was so a terrible idea.  That was terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  To me anyways.  And to Geoff.  No bueno.

For our last night, we finally opened the champagne that had been in the room when we checked in.  They were pretty loose with the champagne over  the whole week, so we thought we knew what to expect when we opened it.  Turns out the stuff they leave in the room is very different than what they serve.  It wasn’t exactly the best we’ve had, to say the least.  But, it was ours and it was fun to pop open.



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