Honyemoon Day 6: Champagne and Fritos

Wednesday we were up relatively early again to partake in one of our honeymoon package activities: a free couples massage at the resort spa.

Well, a sort of massage.  It was a two-part service, starting with a “massage” before a round of “hydrotherapy”.  We had no idea what that could possibly mean, but hey, it was free, and we aren’t the kind of people to turn down free.

We changed into the one-size-fits-all robes that were so big on me that I felt like a Jedi and so small on Geoff that I was pretty sure if he took a wrong step the entire spa would see more than they bargained for and met with our masseuses.  The “massage” wasn’t a full-blown massage but was more of a calf/foot, arm, shoulder/neck super soft lotion application.  Not what we were expecting, but it made our skin feel awesome and was still relaxing.  The hydrotherapy?  Not so relaxing.

The hydrotherapy was a guided circuit through a series of various, well, water things.  It started with a steam room.  A steam room that was so hot and so full of steam that I actually had to sit on the floor because I couldn’t breathe.  When we left that horrible place, we were led to some shower thing where you pull on a rope and an entire bucket or pretty cold water dumps on your head.  If you’ve never had a bucket of water dumped on your head, it’s actually pretty jarring just from the sheer weight of all that water. From that we had to go to a series of two pools that you walked through, completely submerging your head.  It didn’t sound so bad until you stepped into the first pool, which I’m pretty sure had to be directly connected to the Arctic Circle.

Moving on, we ended up in a series of pools with water jets aimed at various parts of the body which were all way too hard and sort of painful.  We would try each one, but most we quickly gave up on and stood off to the side or submerged ourselves deeper in the water to sort of get away from it until it was time to move to the next.  The best part was honestly the end when we got out of the pool and laid on some lounges made of stone that were warm from the sun and we got a scalp and shoulder massage.

After that, uh, experience, we went back to the room to put on actual clothes, then took the rest of the morning to sort of lounge around.  We had another pool playing lesson, and laid in the hammocks in the pool.  A while after lunch we glanced at one of the resort bulletins for the day and saw they were offering a wine tasting at the French restaurant early in the evening.  Geoff was sort of skeptical, but I wanted to go and he knew I wouldn’t go by myself, so he sucked it up and signed up for it with me.

There ended up being 7 of us there, and while we all started out pretty quiet with each other it’s pretty easy to make friends after downing what amounts to half a bottle of wine over an hour.  One couple was obviously well versed in wines, and ended up sharing the tidbit that champagne actually pairs really well with anything you could normally drink a beer with.  They insisted that sometime we get a good bottle of champagne to have with a burger or a bag of Fritos.  Anyways, there were 4 wines, two whites and two reds, all from Mexico.  I had never noticed before (but it’s not that I’ve ever looked either), but you can’t find Mexican wines in the US.  Turns out you can’t find them anywhere other than Mexico.  Because of the way the taxes work, they can’t export wine and still turn any sort of profit (they have a hard time turning a profit as it is, so wines are expensive), so in Mexico they stay.  As sad as that is, it was really cool to drink some wines we could only have there, especially since one of them is made in such small quantities that it is only sold to restaurants and hotels.

The sommelier took us through the wines in small steps, explaining what gives the whites and reds their smells and flavors, and how they all work together, before guiding us through sipping it and breaking down the flavors.  Each wine had a food pairing, so we’d try the wine by itself, and after we were done talking about it he’d pass out a small bite for us to try, then talk about how the flavor and feel of the wine changed.  It was a really cool experience.  We had a sauvignon blanc with some goat cheese and fruit, a chardonnay with prosciutto, a tamarillo (which is actually a kind I had never heard about) with shrimp, and a cabernet sauvignon with a beef filet.  One of the ladies at our table couldn’t actually eat beef for some reason, so they ran inside and grabbed her a chunk of dark chocolate to try with the last wine, which she shared with the rest of us because it was such a fabulous combination.

That night we went back to the rooftop to take some more photos.  Because of what time the wine tasting was done and how much we had had, we decided to just order late rooms service for dinner and sat around the coffee table watching whatever random movies happened to be on TV.  With the vacation winding down, it was nice to take an evening slow.  Afterall, we only had one more full day left ahead of us!


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