Honeymoon Day 5: When It Rains It Pours


Tuesday was another excursion day: going to Isla Mujeres!

We got up and had an early breakfast before heading to the hotel lobby, then walking down with the rest of the group to the marina.  We all boarded a catamaran captained by an Australian guy named Liam, though most of the group referred to him as Captain Ron.  We learned a very valuable lesson on the ride over: Jenn gets seasick.  But it’s okay, because we figured out if I laid down and didn’t actually, you know, look at anything it was okay.

Isla Mujeres is about 5 miles long and a half a mile wide, so it’s pretty easy to get around.  As we were docking, Liam took us around the interior of the island a little bit to show us the “trash castle”.  Someone has essentially built a floating fort out of nothing but trash like old plastic bottles.  That was interesting to say the least, but the real gem here was that on our way in and out of the inlet to see that we saw a number of cool looking old, kind of falling apart docks.  We made a mental note to somehow find our way back here again once we hit land.

Once we all disembarked, we made the mad dash to the golf carts so we could easily get ourselves around the island.  Sure it marks you as a tourist, but it’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to see everything.  Geoff did the driving, and I manned the camera while we were on the go.  By the time I’d figure out how to frame a shot I wanted to take on the move, it was too late, so I started just holding the camera up and doing a continuous capture in the hopes I’d get something good.  Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t, but when it did work it worked fabulously.  We stopped at a couple of places to take some photos, including a gorgeous set of cliffs as well as a park.

We had saved exploring downtown for last, so when we had about 45 minutes left before departure, we started heading back that way.  It was at this point we realized it was starting to drizzle.  It was also at this point we realized we were on the complete opposite part of the island from the port.  About two minutes later, it was a full on torrential downpour.  We hid the camera and put it in the only place that was getting wet on the cart (not exactly a water-tight vehicle) and booked it as fast as we could back to town.  By the time we got there we were so soaked our clothes were dripping.

We took refuge in a nearby jewelry shop, where I made the mistake of pointing at something and commenting to Geoff I thought it was pretty.  The shop keeper took notice and proceeded to try to convince me to buy it.  It started at $120, then when I started walking away it dropped to $100, and so on.  Meanwhile, we listened to him explain to another local that they jack up the prices for tourists.  Apparently not being able to fluently speak Spanish means we can’t hear either.  We met up with a mom and daughter that were also on our boat, and it was funny listening to their tales of buying things.  Apparently the daughter is fluent in Spanish because of a study abroad program, and as soon as she started talking to the shop keepers prices would drop from $150 to $40.

Once it was time to board to catamaran, we booked it back to the mainland to try to beat the next wave of rain we could see coming.  We made it back just in time and didn’t get hit with rain until we were back at the resort.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat since we somehow skipped lunch, then found the outdoor game area where we spent a while with Geoff trying to teach me how to play pool.  It didn’t work so well.  I just can’t make my hands do what my brain wants!

After dinner we went to the theater to catch the entertainment for the evening.  They had a comedy/magic show that we had heard from other guests was really good, so we made a point of going to that one.  It was actually really funny, and there was a trick or two we couldn’t actually figure out.  He definitely played up the corny factor, and it helped that his audience member assistants were drunk off their rockers.  After the show we hit the martini bar for a couple of drinks, where I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try drinks that I haven’t wanted to spend money on trying for fear of not liking them.  Tonight’s experiment was the Dirty Martini.  Not exactly a favorite, but I didn’t think it was bad.  I would classify the experiment as a success!


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  1. I love the rearview mirror pic!

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