Honeymoon Day 4: ZOMG DOLPHINS

Monday morning we woke up bright and early to go partake in the one activity that I was insistent we do on our trip: go swim with dolphins!!

We went to Delphinus, the dolphin swim program at the Dreams Cancun resort.  Side note: really glad we didn’t choose to stay there.  At least in comparison to the place we were at.  But, they have dolphins, sooooo that’s a plus.

To say it was an amazing experience was an understatement.  They have a bunch of different programs that each feature different sized groups and different interactions with the dolphins, and they all run at the same time.  We choose to do the “couple’s swim”, which meant that Geoff and I had a dolphin to ourselves, but we were of course sharing the oceanarium with 5 other groups, so it was still a little crazy.  Also crazy?  February and March are apparently dolphin mating season.

If you’ve never touched a dolphin, it is the weirdest thing.  The texture difference between their backs, their bellies, and their tails is incredible.  It was such a sharp contrast that I never would have guessed I was touching different parts of the same animal had I not actually seen it.

We spent most of our time with Tos’Ha (Mayan for drizzle), one of their 3 females, and trainer Eliano.  He took us through some basic interactions like making Tos’Ha splash, wave, “sing” (which sort of sounded like a duck call), and give us kisses, and also got us up-close with her face to see her teeth and really get a good look at her eyes.  The level of expression in the eyes of a dolphin is unbelievable.

Probably the coolest part of the whole thing was getting to do the “foot push”.  You lay in the water on your stomach with your feet flexed, and a dolphin (or two) with come up behind you, put their nose in the middle of your sole, and push you so you end up sort of skiing.  It was so awesome.  Seriously.  Oh my gosh.    I can’t really describe how amazing it was, all I can do is tell you if you ever have the opportunity to do it, you should.

As for that whole mating season thing, they have 6 dolphins there.  This is the first year their youngest male is at sexual maturity, so he’s been “causing problems” as the trainer put it.  There was more than one occasion where the trainers asked everyone to get out of the water because he was getting a little too “playful”.  The trainers all did the hand signal to have their dolphins come to them, and 5 went straight where they were supposed to.  Number 6, the young one, would just float there on his back, fully presenting everything like he did not give a hoot what the trainers wanted.  It was actually pretty funny.

When we got back to the resort, we decided to continue our camera adventures and explore the garden areas of the grounds.  We found some cool sculptures as well as some brilliantly colored flowers to continue playing with camera settings.

That night we had our redo beach dinner.  This time they actually had our menu!  It was a tad windy, but really a fantastic evening.  Our waiter kept our wine glasses and plates full, the full moon and lighted palm trees kept it from getting too dark, and we had a fun time having silly conversations over 4 courses of deliciousness.  When we got back to our room, we found out why the concierge had made a point of saying “don’t put your ‘do not disturb’ card in your door when you leave for dinner.”

Apparently when they send you to a honeymoon dinner, they make assumptions about what your night will entail.  Rose petals from the door to the jacuzzi tub already filled with a bubble bath with candles and an oil warmer on the edge.  I have no idea what those bubbles were made of or what was in that oil warmer but it smelled fantastic.  The bonus?  They also leave a music CD on the bed.  We had a good laugh over it before calling it a night.


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  1. That sounds like a FANTASTIC day! I love that photo of you in the pool! Your face so clearly shows how cool of an experience that was. I love hearing about the cheesy/sweet/romantic things that places do for honeymooners…we did not get much of that on ours. Maybe next time we go to a resort we should just say we are honeymooning…:)

  2. Wow! I am SO JEALOUS about the dolphin experience. It looks amazing! You look so happy! 😀

    That’s so cute about them decorating your hotel room while you were at dinner too!

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