Honeymoon Day 3: Beaches and Fake Dinners

Because of the previous day’s events, we took Sunday slow.  We had an easy breakfast before setting off with our camera to have a photography adventure around the outskirts of the resort and surrounding area.  You might have noticed that the quality of pictures I’ve posted recently are a little better than they used to be.  In the middle of January we splurged and bought ourselves a nice camera to play with, but I’ll tell you more about that later.  For now, know that we were super excited to get to experiment with it and all the different landscapes, textures, and colors we had at our disposal!

We walked around and explored the beaches to practice with our new camera.  The downside to getting so into playing with things like focus and lighting is that you sort of forget to pay attention to where the rest of your body is.  Geoff may or may not have sat on a cactus while trying to get a shot.  I may or may not have laughed so hard I almost fell over.

In our adventures we found a couple iguanas.  We figured out one lived in the bushes just down from our balcony and liked to sun himself on the rocks there.  We named him Pete.  We found another that liked to hang out on actual chairs that were in front of some of the big suites.  We were going to name him, until a staff member came by, looked at him and said “oh, hi Victor!”  Apparently he hangs out enough the people who work there have named him.

When we approached the beach at our actual resort though, we had to put the camera away for our own safety.  We didn’t want to risk getting pictures of some of these people who apparently believe in the idea that if you can get a swim suit on it fits.  I think the worst one was the woman who had a bikini that was too small to cover her, uh, front-butt.  It was bad.  Really bad.  And she was not alone.

As part of our honeymoon package we got a dinner on the beach, so Sunday night we got all prettied up for that.  There was another couple who was also doing a dinner that night, so the 4 of us walked down to the beach together.  When we got there, we noticed a small problem: only one table was set up.  The other couple was led down to the beach (if it had been for us we were going to give it up for them anyway) and we were taken back to the hotel where the concierge apologized approximately 47 times.  Somehow the order never made it to the kitchen.  We insisted it was fine, but he still wanted to make it up to us.  He asked which restaurant we would like to go to, and since we were all dressed up we said we’d like to try the French one since that had the strictest dress code.  He called ahead to make sure there was a table available and sent us on our way.

When we got there, they had arranged a special honeymoon table for us with rose petals and a bottle of wine.  We were very well taken care of, and the food was absolutely fantastic.  When they brought out our dessert, they surprised us with a slate loaded with chocolates, mousses, tarts, all kinds of stuff, with “Happy Honeymoon” written in chocolate on it.  It was beautiful, tasty, and awesome.

Afterwards we did a little nighttime exploring and discovered that we could easily get to the roof of the building, and it had one hell of a view.  We were too tired to go get the camera and bring it back up, so we decided this would be a stop on our next camera adventure and went back to the room to catch some z’s.


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