Honeymoon Day 2: Warm Weather And Cold Drinks Makes Jenn A Drunk Girl

We woke up a littler earlier than we would have liked, but considering the time change and the fact that we were up at 3AM the day before I let it slide.  We tried out one of the restaurants for breakfast where I tried an eggs benedict style waffle.  It was pretty fancy!  A waffle instead of an english muffin, prosciutto instead of ham, and a little arugula on top just to dress it up.  I’d show you a picture, but I ate it too quickly.  Whoops!

After we were fueled up for the day, we made our way down to the section of beach reserved for Club members and found ourselves a nice bed right by the water.  That’s right, a beach bed.  Highly recommended.  We laid out there to catch some sun, venturing into the water every so often to cool off, with staff bringing us a steady stream of drinks.  Sangria quickly became my drink of choice, and a Banana Mama (only related to the Sexy Banana by the inclusion of banana thank goodness) became Geoff’s.  The afternoon brought on some substantial heat, so we moved into the pool after lunch.

Then things got ridiculous.

We ran into Dennis (the infamous tequila shot passer from the night before) and his wife, who in turn had some new friends of their own with them.  The 6 of us hung out in the middle of the pool using a floatie as a table for our drinks, and every so often one of us would venture over to the swim up bar to replenish our glasses.  This is when I was introduced to a new drink: a Ticket To Fly.  It was described to me as “a Miami Vice, but better”.  Apparently “better” means “you have no idea how much booze is actually in this.”

I’ll be honest, we lost count of how many drinks we had.  Your glass would start to get low, and another would appear.  I kept up with the Miami Vice look-a-like, and Geoff was eventually converted to Coronas.  We slowly added to our group, making new friends and branching off a little, but for the most part we all stayed together.  When it started to get a little on the cooler side, someone in our group suggested we move to the hot tub (I use the hot tub loosely; I believe “tiny pool with water that is sort of warm” would be more accurate).  This required getting out of the pool briefly.

And this, my friends, is when I learned an incredible life lesson: never drink in the pool.

Call it whatever you will, the pool water counteracts that wobbly feeling you get when you’re having too much to drink that tells you you’re having too much to drink.  The second your foot hits pavement you will realize your grave mistake.

I made it into the hot tub no problem, but knew I was done.  When new drinks would appear I’d join in the chorus of “heyyyy!” and take a sip, then casually set it on the wall behind me where I knew someone else would take it either to drink or throw out.  I opted to instead take on the role of “friend maker” and interact with anyone that came past the hot tub in an attempt to have them join us.  I think we ended up with about 14 people, including 2 couples we continued to run into over the remainder of our trip.  Probably the coolest part of making friends was that we met someone who had undergone a medical procedure that used tools Geoff designed.  The funniest part was the guy who jokingly tried to pick a fight with Geoff by telling him he looked like an Amish leprechaun (Amish we’ve heard before because of the beard, leprechaun was a new one).  When Geoff stood up all the color drained from the dude’s face and he yelled “you’re HUGE! What are you, an ex-Navy Seal?!”  And thus, the rest of the trip Geoff was the Navy Seal Amish leprechaun.

We eventually got kicked out of the hot tub (supposedly people in the nearby restaurant were complaining about the “obnoxious people in the pool”, which is funny since we a) weren’t actually being that loud and b) there was no one in the half of the restaurant near the pool), so we all made plans to meet up at the on-site nightclub after dinner.  We went back to the room to clean ourselves up for dinner before making our way to the Italian restaurant for dinner.  Geoff had a delicious looking gnocchi.  I had…well, I looked at a fantastic osso bucco before realizing my body was not only not wanting to deal with food, but was angry about my drink consumption over the course of the afternoon.

Whoopsies.  But hey, at least it was fun, right?

The evening was spent realizing how awesome the huge shower was (benches are nice), then realizing how awesome horizontal felt.  I downed some water and was out like a light.  No more Tickets To Fly for me for the rest of the trip!


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