It’s About Damn Time!

We are finally going on our honeymoon.  Tomorrow.  Bright and early.  Well, dark and early.

Excited does not begin to cover it.  Not just because we’ve been talking about it for a year.  Not just because it’ll be the first actual vacation we’ve taken in 3 years.   But because we both seriously need to have a break from acting like responsible adults.

I had the day off today (thank GOODNESS) to take care of all the last-minute stuff.  Early this morning I loaded Grif and all his stuff up in the car and took off towards IL, while my mom took off towards MI.  We met in the middle, and I handed the cutie over to her to look after while we’re gone on our trip.  Not only is this way cheaper than boarding (even with the gas costs taken into account), but he gets to go somewhere familiar and have some playmates.  It’s sort of like a vacation for him!  I’m convinced though that he’s going to have been spoiled rotten and picked up all kinds of bad habits by the time we get him back.  But doesn’t that always happen when you go to Grandma’s house?

When I made it back to MI, I grabbed some lunch and headed off for the next adventure of the day.  I spent the afternoon at my favorite salon getting pretty.  I’m growing my hair out for a wedding in May, but it desperately needed some shaping and split-end control.  I was also tired of the color, since my hair has magically gone to a dull dirty blonde sort of color as I’ve gotten older.  I’ve spent the last few years getting it highlighted to get my old look back from the days where I was straight up blonde, but I wasn’t so sure that was the way to go this time.  So, I had a consultation with my stylist before we got started, told her about what I’ve done before, what I’ve thought of it, and what I’m willing to do now, then told her to pick what she thought would be best and just go to town.

After my hair became fabulous, I sat down and relaxed for a while to get a pedicure.  Because you have to have pretty toesies when you’re wearing sandals on vacation.  The awesome thing about this salon is they have an array of beverages for you while you have a service done, including wine.  Pedicure + wine = awesome.

I met Geoff at home before we headed out to start our honeymoon early with a nice dinner.  We went to one of our favorite places (where we had our rehearsal dinner actually) and ate more food than we should have, but it was tasty and a wonderful time.  Now I’m checking and re-checking our suitcases against my list to make sure we have everything.  I’m an obsessive packer for trips,  and even still I always forget something.  The goal is to not do what has been famously deemed “pull a Dad” and get to our destination without something essential.  Nothing like getting to Disney World and realizing you forgot to pack underwear, right Dad?

Our flight is at 6AM, and FIL has offered to drive us to the airport. Lucky for us we were able to snag a flight out of Grand Rapids, so we don’t have to trek all the way to Chicago or Detroit in the middle of the night.  We have a brief layover in Baltimore before hitting the wonderfully warm Cancun at about 1:30PM.  A shuttle is picking us up and taking us to our resort, which is conveniently not too far from the airport.  We’re hoping we can be through customs and onto the shuttle in time to be all checked-in to the hotel by 3 so we can spend most of the afternoon enjoying fruity cocktails with little umbrellas in them and exploring the grounds.  We have no plans to do anything too adventurous over the weekend, and want to take those first two days to fully unwind so we can really enjoy our time there before hitting various excursions during the week.  We’re not booking them until we get there, but we already have it figured out which ones we’d like to do.

I have said for years that I want to swim with dolphins.  Way back in the day, I wanted to be a marine biologist solely so I could work with dolphins all the time.  Sadly, I suck at biology, so it just wasn’t meant to be, but the obsession with dolphins lived on.  Since we were going somewhere tropical, when Geoff asked what I wanted to do on our honeymoon a year ago when we started thinking about it, that was the one thing I wanted to do.  Actually, I think I jumped out of my chair and said something along the lines of “ZOMG I HAVE TO SWIM WITH DOLPHINS!” So, dolphin play time will be had.

Geoff really wants to do some snorkeling, and there are supposed to be some beautiful coves on the island, so that’s on the docket as well. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been snorkeling and I’m sort of convinced I’m going to get confused by the facemask and will somehow accidentally drowned myself.  We’re also planning on heading to downtown Cancun to explore a little since we didn’t the last time we were there.

We’re there for a week and are coming back to ice cold Michigan late next Friday.  At some point over the weekend I”ll be retrieving Grif from IL, and then it’ll be back to the grind Monday.  I’m hoping this trip gives us both thw boost we need to push through until the warm weather makes its way up here.  While we’re gone, I have posts all set and ready to go that will automatically update.  Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of awesome photos to share with you guys when we get back!


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  1. Get away from the snow and get those pedicured toes into the sand! Congratulations.

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