Valentine’s Day, Not Just For Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Or Happy Singles Awareness Day!  Whichever fits.

I’m not usually too big on Valentine’s Day.  For me it’s sort of an excuse to do things like have flowers or chocolate (or both if you’re lucky) and a nice dinner, but it’s not really a big deal normally.  If I never did anything for it I’d probably be a little sad, but at this point in time I’m not really chomping at the bit for anything fancy.

But I’m never upset about flowers* and chocolate.

This year Geoff and I decided we weren’t going to do anything.  Mostly because we didn’t really need to.  But it’s also because our honeymoon is finally only a week away, and we were already talking about sort of starting it early with a fun dinner the night before we left.  Why do a dinner twice in a one week period?  Besides, now we get to avoid the craziness that is sure to be the local restaurant scene.  He did bring me some stargazer lilies and some Halo valentines though!

Four years ago one of my roommates was single, and I was single for the first time in many years.  We talked about having our own Valentine’s date, but then we realized that, lo and behold, most of our other friends were single too, so we decided to share the love and have a party.  Our other roommate was seeing someone, but she was going to be out-of-town that weekend, so we could easily have a singles party without it being awkward.  Well, more awkward.  We didn’t like her…but that’s another story.

Anyway, we invited all our single guy and girl friends over for a “Singles Awareness Day” party.  The girls came over early and we all had dinner together, and the party started when the guys showed up.  We replaced most of the lightbulbs in the apartment with red ones.  We had playlists of songs built to poke fun at the couples that were inevitably out for the evening (pretty sure Backstreet Boys and NSYNC made up a lot of those playlists).  We had what can only be described as a smorgasbord of liquor choices on our countertop.  We had Mario Kart (who doesn’t love Mario Kart?!).  We even made jello shots in the shape of hearts. Those were tasty…

It was a ton of fun.  We all had a great time, and we had a pretty good number of people over.  We got all dressed up in old formal dresses we didn’t have excuses to wear anymore, and the guys wore nice slacks and button downs.  It was a great way to spend a holiday meant for couples.  Definitely better than sitting alone in your dark apartment drinking wine straight from the bottle watching chick flicks.

It was also fun because I was only sort of half single at that time. Geoff and I had had our first date just two days beforehand.  The party of course had been planned way before the date was ever asked for, but I wasn’t exactly complaining.  I was the host darnit, I could break rules if I wanted to!

*Why can’t a lady say a definitive word like “always” or “never” without an asterisk?  I lied about never being upset about flowers, because I’m weird.  I mean, I’ll never be upset, but I can definitely have a less than enthused reaction.  Actually, this asterisk is getting pretty long, I’m thinking this is better off as a post on its own…but chocolate is always fine.  Always.


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