I’m Not Yellow, I’m Orange: How Grif Got His Name

When we finally named Grif, the default response from friends was “oh, is that short for Griffin?”  It’s a reasonable response, because it makes sense and still fits in with our inherent nerdiness.

I am here to tell you that no, that is not the case.  It’s not short for anything.  It’s just Grif.  With one “f”.

One of the shared nerd loves that Geoff and I have is watching a show called Red vs Blue (RvB for short).  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a machinima show, using Halo to animate the story they create.  With the exception of using the game to create the content, it’s not really a gamer’s show.  The show makes very little reference to gaming culture, so you don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy it.  It’s an online production that airs about 20 episodes a year starting sometime in the summer, and when all the episodes from a season are strung together it’s about the length of a regular movie (so pretty much they make a movie every year).  They’ve done this for the last 10 years, and it’s won a number of awards.  The company (formally known as Rooster Teeth) puts out several other shows and shorts, many of which we watch, but the relevant one for this story is RvB.

Geoff and I are big RvB fans.  It was one of the ongoing jokes at the wedding (on top of the science and other gaming humor hidden throughout the day).  One of our favorite phrases from a “PSA” appeared on our cake (Bleep Bloop) and was modified to be used as the engraving inside Geoff’s ring (Bleep Bloop: + infinity achieveables), and our signature drink was named for one of the characters because of his go-to tagline (The Agent Washington: It’s the best drink ever.  Of all time.).  We are constantly cracking jokes about it since there is usually something happening that is in some twisted way related.

In the show, Grif is the laziest member of the Red team.  By far.  He sleeps and eats and complains when he’s not doing one of those two things.  Work is not high on his list of priorities (or even low for that matter, he might actually not know what the word is).  He will do more work to avoid doing whatever he’s actually suppose to be doing, just for the sake of not doing it.  The only time he’s moved with any sort of energy was in a brief moment of trying out an armor modification that gave him super speed and ridiculous energy (right before completely passing out from pure exhaustion after about 90 seconds).

Naturally, this sounds exactly like a puppy.  A puppy who will be playing with one toy, look up and see another, and whine while staring at it until you get it for him (the alternative is that he flops down and does this dramatic sigh before continuing to whine).  A puppy who will go absolutely bonkers and run laps around the house before leaping straight into his bed and falling asleep as he hits it.  A puppy who drags his bed over to his food bowl so he can lay down while he eats.

I’m not kidding, he really does that.

Oh yes, he was a Grif from the start.

Of course, not wanting to sound like a total nerd, I didn’t say a word to Geoff.  I thought this would be absolutely hilarious, but considering how much my gaming permeates all other aspects of our house and lives, I didn’t want to force that on a puppy that Geoff probably wanted to name something “normal” like Spot or Harvey or Moose.

So, the day after I had this brilliant thought, imagine my elation when Geoff goes “you know what would be a funny name?  Grif.”  We laughed, and then we did that thing where we look at each other and go “yeah…that’s actually a great idea.”

And thus, Grif the dachshund came to be.



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  1. Awww! I love the bottom picture the best! So cute. Also yay RvB! I haven’t watched that in forever…

    • That’s the picture that Geoff took that I was telling you about 🙂

      Aaaand you should totally start watching RvB again. They’re going on 10 years now. There’s a serious plot and everything.

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