TCoFTH: So Many Rooms So Little Time (The Beginnings Of The Craft Room)

Our house has 5 bedrooms.  FIVE.  That’s too many bedrooms for 2 people and a weenie dog.

These stairs are as daunting to us as they are to Grif, though I think it is for entirely different reasons.

Eventually we will (hopefully/maybe/we’ll see how this goes) have kids, so that will take up two of them.  That leaves one as a guest room and one we still don’t know exactly what to do with (although we have ideas…muahahaha).

For now though, we’re re-purposing the rooms to fit out current whims.  We like to have visitors, so one of the bedrooms is currently a guest room (that I will make a post about as soon as I’m done making it awesome…but it’s pretty awesome already) and we have plans to make the second one a guest room as well for the time being.  That leaves two rooms.

The smallest bedroom is the only one on the same side of the house as the master.  When I was talking about the bad paint job of the previous owners, this was the one I used as an example.  Because of the color, Geoff and I referred to it as the “Periwinkle Room”.

Yeah, um, not really close there buddy.

Here’s a reminder for you of what color it was. The best part was all the bits of pink showing through that the room had obviously been previously.

Since Geoff gets the office as his space, we agreed that I would get the Periwinkle Room as my space.  While I’ve been far too busy lately to enjoy it much, I like to do little arts and crafts type projects. That’s why the wedding was so great, I had an outlet for all that desire to make stuff.  Because my limiting factor for projects is usually my lack of space and having to set up a temporary camp, I decided the Periwinkle Room would become my craft room.

The first order of business?  Fix the awful paint job and cover it with something that wasn’t so dark.  Afterall, light encourages creativity (fun fact: I might have totally made that up).  I picked a light shade of blue that I thought was neat, and after buying the mixed paint I was really excited about it.

Of course, nothing can go easy in this house, so we encountered a small problem painting this room.  The magical Behr Paint-and-Primer in One met its match.  That Periwinkle nightmare did not want to go down without a fight.  It took two coats and scraping the bottom of the paint can to get it gone, and I’m still finding little patches that could use a touch-up.  Fixing the purple on the trim and the ceiling?  That took more like 4 coats, and if you look carefully you can still see it showing through.  It’s enough to almost make you hate the color purple. Almost.

That “almost” is important later.  Cough cough wink wink.

So, we got it (mostly) covered, at which point I stood back and looked at the empty room and went “well, what do I do now?”  It’s not like I anticipated ever having a dedicated craft space, so I had nothing to really put in there furniture-wise, much less any idea what I should get to put in there.  I have a desk from college that I really like, so that is going in for one of my “stations”.  Considering I have a sewing machine, I will need at least one more table surface.

I really like Ikea stuff, so on a weekend we went back to IL to visit my family, we stopped at the nearby Ikea and went looking for furniture.  The goal was to find a work surface and some storage for supplies that I’d need quick access to (I’m putting shelving into the closet for things that won’t be needed routinely).  We went with a specific set in mind that was a nice desk/storage combo:

It was certainly nifty and seemed well made when we got there, but I found a larger desk I liked better along with a dresser that would give me closed in storage.  The cubes with the desk above would have been really cool if I was typically an organized person, but if I’m going to be honest with myself it would have gotten really messy really quickly.  The stuff we picked up was definitely a better choice.  I got the desk and the dresser for about $280, which was pretty much on target for what we were expecting.  They went together in typical easy Ikea fashion, and in a matter of hours I had a finished craft room!

Now I just have to find time to start using it.  First order of business is restarting the Etsy shop.


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