Okay Jenn, Get It Together

Howdy everyone!

I’ve made several vague references to changes I want to make to the blog for the last few months, most recently in my New Year’s post.  Well, I decided it’s time to start making some of these changes and thought it might be a good idea to share these upcoming changes with you guys.

The very first thing on the list is changing my URL.  Since this is no longer a wedding planning blog per se, the current URL no longer applies.  Not to mention making all the changes to it to find a variation that wasn’t taken when I created it led to a typo that has bothered me from the beginning.  It’s time to fix that.  I will have an automatic redirect set up, so your bookmarks won’t suddenly stop working (assuming you have bookmarks…I like to think you do).  When I make the change, you’ll end up at the new site by default, and I’ll make sure to make a very obvious post indicating the change so you know you’re still in the right place.

The next thing I want to do is set up a permanent posting schedule.  Anyone who was here at the beginning may remember I originally was on a Monday/Thursday schedule for a long time.  After the wedding I had more material I wanted to get through, so I moved to the “current” Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.  I put current in quotes because, as you may have noticed, that trend seems to have sputtered in recent weeks and I sort of post willy nilly.  It held for a while, which was great, but that schedule only worked as long as I was doing shorter posts.  Now that they have grown in length and I’m adding more of my own pictures they take longer to put together, and that is just not compatible with my current life schedule/chaos.  So, I will be going back to twice a week regular postings for the foreseeable future.  For the time being, it will be the same Monday/Thursday schedule it was way back in the day.

…that may or may not have been related to not being able to post for the last week and just deciding to go with it.  Maybe.  Stop judging me…moving on!

You might notice I said “regular postings” there (if you didn’t, just smile and nod, I won’t know the difference).  Every once in a while I have a week where I have enough thoughts that they just won’t fit into 2 coherent posts.  If I wanted them non-coherent it’d be no trouble at all, but believe it or not I actually try to keep things relatively streamlined.  If this doesn’t look streamlined to you, then imagine what it looked like in my head.

Anyway, to deal with extra stuff, I’m going to start Secret Saturdays.  They’re a secret because only I know the schedule for when they are going to go up!  You get bonus points if you ever figure out the pattern. These are likely to be random (okay, more random) in topic and slightly less general than my regular posts, catering more to my own need to vent thoughts on specific subjects that haven’t really had a place here than necessarily moving the blog in any particular direction or adding to lines I’ve already created.  They might eventually become more structured in their own way, but for the time being expect complete randomness.

I have a few more up my sleeve, mostly centering around starting recurring themes (much like my Chronicles of First Time Homebuyers series), but I want to get these changes implemented first before I dive into those.

Thank you all for bearing with me through the chaos.

Have a fabulous weekend!  Anyone have an awesome plans?


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