Sometimes Running People Over Should Be Legal

Dear Kid On His Skateboard Going Down The Middle Of The Road While Texting,

I’d probably be irritated at you skateboarding down the middle of the road anyway, but the fact that you’re too busy staring down at your phone while rolling down the hill towards me on my way home from work just puts it over the top.  I came to a dead stop in front of you, waiting for you to look up and see what was happening.  You didn’t notice until you were about 10 feet away.  In case you were wondering, when you come upon a situation like that (which I seriously hope you never do again), the correct response to the driver’s puzzled look is not to look surprised before shrugging your shoulders and continuing on your way.

The only reason I didn’t open my door in the hope you’d run into it is that my car auto-locks them when it’s in drive.

Get off your damned phone if you’re on wheels.  “Wat r u doin” 10 minutes later is a lot better than “Call u latr, in ambulance LOL” right now.


The Rest Of The Population


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