Better Late Than Never: The Honeymoon Approaches

After waiting (not-so)patiently for 7 months, we are finally approaching our honeymoon.  To give you a brief recap, when we got married in June of this last year we took a “mini-moon” and did things around town but had pushed off our full-blown honeymoon for colder weather so we could better enjoy a beach trip.  The added bonus was that we got to save a little more money for it, as well as take our time planning it instead of trying to fit it in around planning the rest of the wedding.

Originally, we were trying to avoid Mexico.  Not that there was anything wrong with Mexico, but we had already been there once and wanted to do something different.  However, we quickly found that the places we liked in other locations were out of our price range.  If we were to get everything we wanted in an area that would be as warm as we wanted, it was going to have to be Mexico.

Hey a beach is a beach.

When we went last time we were just outside of Playa del Carmen for spring break.  It was a great place to be because it was far enough south of Cancun that we didn’t get all the crazy spring breakers, but we still got to actually go somewhere warm and fun.  This time we’re heading a little north and staying at a resort near the ferry to Isla Mujeres.  We didn’t purposely pick that particular location (a few others were on the table), but once I put something up on Facebook about where we were going a friend of mine who actually lives in and grew up in Mexico made a comment that that was a really nice area, so I think we did good.

So at the end of February I have a solid 11 days where I will not be at work, which is exciting in itself, but more importantly I will be on a beach for 9 of those days having adventures with my husband.  We’re still planning what all we want to do while we are there, but we have a number of ideas that we really want to work out.

Of course, this means that my slacking at the gym and with my eating habits is about to catch up with me.  I have 7 weeks to get back into a shape I’m happy showing off.  I don’t have to lose any weight, just tone things back up, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem, but it’s always a little daunting when there’s a deadline for resolving your self-image issues.

I got a new swim suit for the occasion that I’m totally excited to wear.  I do not usually spend actual money on those things just because I feel weird/bad about it, but I figured this was a good reason to actually get a suit from somewhere other than Old Navy.  It’s really cute!

I’m trying to find a dress for the honeymoon too.  We’re going to have at least one fancy dinner date night while we’re there, and I want a nice white dress for it.  My usual go-to places of ModCloth, Penny’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom’s have fallen short so far.  Anyone have a recommendation for elsewhere to look?

That’s all for now.  As we start planning some excursions I’ll let you know what else we’re up to.  For now, the countdown for effective workouts begins…


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  1. for dresses try

    woohoo for honeymoons! (bring sunscreen!)

  2. Oh that’s sooooo exciting! Yay honeymoon so soon! It sounds like it will be wonderful! As for dresses, I’ve had a ridiculously frustrating time finding cute ones that I like… 😦

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