TCoFTH: Ever Wonder What $1700 In Home Improvement Stuff Looks Like?

It’s not a very impressive pile, is it?

Granted some of the bigger stuff is missing, but still, that stuff only accounts for like $400 of it.

When we did our change of address forms, we got coupons for 10% at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  We had been building a list of things we wanted to eventually get for the house, so we decided these coupons were a good way to go.  Sure, we spent a lot of money up front, but since it’s all stuff we were going to buy anyway it saves us in the long run.

Here’s some of the new stuff we somehow have to find time to install:

  • Door handles for the entire second floor.  For whatever reason the whole first floor is brushed silver handles and the second floor is shiny gold knobs.  We’re going to fix that.
  • Hinges for all those doors to match the new handles.
  • Closet knobs.
  • Mirrors, light fixtures, and trim for the bathrooms
  • 6 gallons of paint.  Yes, you read that right, six gallons.  I have a lot of rooms to cover…
  • Light fixtures for the front of the house (garage and porch) as well as the back of the house.
  • Thermostat.  The one that is currently in the house stinks.  You can’t read it unless you’re standing right in front of it, and it’s a touch screen that looks like it was made before they actually figured out how to do touch screens well so you have to stab at it pretty forcefully to get it to do anything.  Also?  It’s one of those “smart” systems that “learns” based on how you set the temperature at various times of the day when you’re home, but there’s no way to edit it or clear it so we’re stuck with what the previous homeowners did.  This leads me to believe they are Eskimos.

Of course we have a bunch of other stuff, but it’s not really install related.  We got an area rug we really liked for our still empty dining room, as well as a variety of supplies like painting stuff, caulk, etc.

Because of the coupons and the pile of giftcards we received for Christmas (thanks everybody!) we managed to only pay just over $1100 for all the stuff.  It’s still a pretty sizeable chunk of change, but it’s going to be well worth it when we don’t cringe looking at all the stuff that’s in here now.  Goodness knows we’ve given ourselves quite the to-do list.

What did I learn from the shopping trip?  4 hours is too long to spend at home improvement stores.  Also, the guy at the paint counter will look like he wants to die when you tell him you need 6 gallons of paint in 5 colors and 2 finishes.

We’ve almost finished up the office, so you’ll have an update coming soon on that (the construction is done and the paint is mostly up, we’re just doing some final touches before I show it off to you).  We’re also starting to put together the guest room since I’ve got more visitors coming this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you that too!.


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