Christmas Is A Fancy Name For Chaos

Merry Christmas everyone!

Okay, yeah, it was a few days ago, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

My family came out for the holiday, so that means we spent our weekend and Monday morning cleaning absolutely everything we could to make the house presentable.  It’s not like they expected it to be clean, but my mom has managed to instill this weird standard in me for what a house should look like when your parents show up and I just couldn’t make myself not do it.

We managed to get Geoff’s new office painted, the dining room (formerly the box storage area) empty, the kitchen finished, the kitchen table put together, the game room put together, the guest bedroom put together (sans paint), the garage cleaned out enough that both our vehicles fit, the whole first floor mopped and the second floor vacuumed, and I even managed to bake a coffee cake!

This water was a light shade of yellow when I started mopping…

Yeah, we are totally exhausted.

We had a great time with all of the family though.  Christmas Eve we went to Geoff’s aunt’s house for dinner and present time with that part of the family.  We were spoiled with some awesome stuff for us as well as new toys for Grif before we had to head home to meet my family.

Unfortunately we didn’t beat them there and pulled into the driveway at the same time, so chaos ensued.  They had to bring Trixie and Charlie (the dogs, in case you didn’t remember), and between needing a potty break, being late for dinner, and Grif being new to them everyone was a little nuts.  I think it was a solid half hour of dogs making noise and running around before we finally got the 3 of them settled down enough that we could actually say hi to each other.  They had a quick dinner and I showed them around the house, during most of which my mom kept saying “oh you really shouldn’t have put all that pressure on yourself to finish it, we understand you’ve only been here a little while!” to which I had to constantly reply “oh it wasn’t that bad” while thinking in my head “of course I had to do all of it, you may understand, but you’re still my parents and I have to have a clean house for you”.

That night everyone went to bed, then promptly ran into each other again in the living room while we all tried to sneak around and play Santa.  Whoops.

The next morning we were all up around the same time thanks to Grif, so after taking care of our various dogs we sat down to go through the pile of presents that magically appeared with my parents’ arrival.  About halfway through Grif decided he didn’t want to tell us he needed to go outside, so we took a quick break to run him out and clean up his own present.

I definitely was completely spoiled by everyone for Christmas.  Among some other amazing things I’ve got a nice collection of cookbooks and a cute apron to go with them (Geoff got one that looks like a tux shirt so we can be fancy together), a beautiful watch, and of course Halo 4.  Super pumped to finally get to play that.  Also?  My sister found an AWESOME game console that is actually built to play NES, SNES, and Genesis games.  I love me some old school gaming, so that just about made my day to know that existed, much less now own one.  Bonus: it’s cherry red!

For breakfast we had the coffee cake I attempted in the middle of the cleaning spree.  The last time I made this particular coffee cake was about 4 or 5 years ago, and it didn’t really come out well so this was a pretty big gamble on my part…but it was a gamble well worth it.  It was delicious, and pretty to top it off.  Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll share the recipe sometime.

My cherry and cream cheese coffee cake!

We all went to Geoff’s parents’ in the afternoon for an early Christmas dinner with them and the aunt and uncle whose house we had been at the night before (the other aunt and uncle pairing couldn’t make it), and it was a blast.  We had Grif with us there, so that was enough entertainment for everyone before and after dinner, and we all left so full that despite eating at 3PM we didn’t really eat anything else the rest of the night.

After we got home we all just sat around and enjoyed each other’s company, playing with the puppies and sharing stories.  Nothing too exciting, but it was some much-needed quality time.

I’d like to take a moment now and tell you that Grif is sitting on my lap and just deleted my entire post when he rested his head on my keyboard.  I just about died.  Lucky for me I figured out how to undo it.  Well, lucky for him.  Okay, back to Christmas now…

The next morning my sister actually had to work, so my family was up bright and early to hit the road.  I intended to get up with them and had an alarm set, but Trixie apparently wanted to make sure we didn’t miss them and managed to push our door open and jump on the bed to give me kisses about 10 minutes before the alarm went off.  Silly puppy.

After they left, we had a list of things we were suppose to do, but after the whirlwind couple of days we had we decided it would be best to just stay in our pajamas and play with some of our new toys.  I busted out Halo while Geoff put together his new Legos.  It was awesome.  I’m pretty sure I took a nap with Grif somewhere in there too.

Anyway, now it’s back to the grind.  Work jumped back into full swing for me, and we’ve got a new list of projects for the house that we’re going to start working on.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday!


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  1. Nice work pulling it all together! This whole being grown up thing is rough huh? 🙂

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