At Least The World Didn’t End

Christmas is fast approaching, and let me tell you, I am nowhere near ready.

I still don’t have a present for my parents figured out.  I am still missing half of Geoff’s.  I haven’t had time to do any of my baking.

At least we have our sad little tree up.

My family is coming out here for the holiday so we don’t have to play the “who gives up seeing their family for Christmas” game, but I’m still nervous about it.  I’ll get to be with them which is nice, but we’re still not doing “our” Christmas, so it’s a little weird.  I’m hoping I can pull off our usual Christmas breakfast routine, but considering every day we have a “oh man I forgot we don’t have that” moment I’m not too confident.

For instance I just realized while I was typing that that I don’t have a springform pan so I can’t make the coffee cake I’ve been planning on making.  Crud.

My mom and sister have to work Christmas Eve, so my family won’t actually be out until about 9PM that night, which is a little sad.  Christmas Eve is usually kind of a big deal for us.  We sit around in pajamas and drink cocoa/coffee/hot beverage of choice while watching the gambit of Rudolph, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, and The Grinch that are usually on TV (we’re not huge Frosty fans, so that’s usually “break time”).  It’s one of the few occasions where we make a point of not playing with our respective electronics and just sit with each other.  I’m totally going to DVR that stuff so when they get in we can still watch some of it, but it’s still going to be a little odd.

I am excited they’re coming out though, because that means my family finally gets to see our new house!  Granted it is not nearly as put together as I’d like it to be to show it off to them, but with all the moving they’ve done I think they’ll understand why the dining room is still a box forest.

We have a list of things we’re trying to get done this weekend to make it slightly more presentable, but the list is highly prioritized.  Once we get past the “we have to do this stuff” part and hit the “it’ll be nice if we can get this done” part we’re going to relax a little. Most of that list is painting and cleaning up the garage.  There’s more we probably could/should do, but we’re making a point to have social interaction this weekend so we don’t go nuts.  Today one of my good friends was driving through town on her way home for Christmas break, so she stopped by to have lunch and meet Grif.  Sunday we’re having our Best Man and his girlfriend over for football and snack food before all heading out to drive around and look at Christmas lights.

I hope everyone who’s traveled for the holiday made it to their destination safely, and I wish the same on those who have yet to travel.  We’ve gotten away with having pretty decent weather, but I hear other parts of the country are getting hammered, so you guys stay safe.

Are you ready for Christmas?

I think for Geoff I’m going to have to essentially give him an IOU for half of his present.  It’s not my fault everything I’ve tried to do for him is ridiculously hard to track down, right?


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