TCoFTH: The Cleaning Crusades Part 2 (Why Is There Hair In The Refrigerator?)

When I was finally able to leave the bathrooms behind to start cleaning the kitchen, I was absolutely positive it would be way easier. Afterall, this is a place where you prepare food.  You put stuff in your mouth.  It has to be relatively clean, right?  Right?

No.  Not right.

Why would it be clean?  The place dedicated to good hygiene was a wreck. I shouldn’t have expected the place where you make things to eat to be any better.
I’d like to start by saying it appears that pink Jello exploded inside and underneath every surface in that kitchen.  I had to change out my cleaning solution in my bucket 3 times to clean the cupboards, and there are still some I haven’t cleaned because I’m scared to.

The cupboards up on the wall?  Mystery splatters all over their undersides.

The countertop?  My paper towel was nearly black when I did my first wipe across it.

The drawer under the oven?  Full of crumbs and grease, with enough dust/dirt under it to build an actual bunny.

Don’t even get me started on the floor.

And then there was the refrigerator.  Oh God the refrigerator.

Jello exploding in here was the least of my worries.

In addition to crumbs, moldy cheese bits, and other substances I have yet to identify stuck to its various surfaces, I found hair.  Lots of hair.  HAIR.


How do you even do that?!

I’m not talking under it or around it, or even kind of stuck in the weird side crevices.  I’m talking in the refrigerator.  In the crisper drawers.  On the shelves.  In the freezer.  Hair.

Between that and the Jello it looked like they had possibly filmed some sort of incredibly low-budget horror movie.

I took pictures, but decided they were too awful to share with you.  So, instead, I present to you the completely cleaned and disinfected refrigerator!



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  1. Oh god, that sounds, and looks, disgusting! The shiny, disinfected fridge looks great, though! How is your puppy doing?

  2. Yuck! It is amazing what people live in. So glad that you dont have to now!

    • As nasty as it was, the worst part is knowing that, as you pointed out, people lived like that. That was normal for them. I just can’t imagine that being normal.

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