TCoFTH: Nothing Like A Fresh Coat Of Paint Part 2 (Oh Good Now My Eyes Don’t Hurt)

The day construction on the office started, Geoff and his mom also had off from work, so they got cracking on various other projects around the house. The most daunting of which was repainting all of the trim and doors in the house.

They were pretty bad. Color from the walls on them (and not even a little bit, like a lot bit), scuffs, mystery stains I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I scrubbed, thinly coated so it didn’t look clean or crisp. They all needed some help. So, because MIL (that’s mother-in-law, in case you weren’t sure; that’ll probably be the permanent name here from now on) is awesome, she volunteered to do that painting while Geoff worked on some other projects..

We taped off most of what needed to be taped Wednesday night so she wouldn’t have to worry about it, and first thing in the morning she got her handy-dandy mini-bucket (highly recommended for trim and cutting in) and got to work. I stopped in on my lunch break to see how the construction and painting were going, and my goodness it was crazy how much better everything already looked just having a fresh coat of paint up.

Geoff and I managed to agree on colors for the bedroom (amazing isn’t it?), so we picked those up as well as some plain white to do the closets with on Friday. I know it sounds sort of silly to paint a closet since that’s going to be covered in stuff, but apparently the closets were never actually painted so they not only looked awful with all the scuff marks and various other color transfers, but they left a powdery residue on your hand when you touched it. A residue we did not want on our clothes. So, paint.

If you remember the picture from the last paint post, the bedroom was a bright orange. It didn’t look so bright in the picture I posted, but it was hard to capture the obnoxiousness of it. The fact that they paired it with a green didn’t help the matter. Moving on, we were nervous about how well that orange was going to cover, especially since one of our color choices was a pretty light blue. At my mom’s recommendation we tried the Behr primer and paint in one.

Those commercials are not kidding around. That stuff is amazing.


We covered the bright orange with light blue in one coat. One coat!

If you have a dark/bright/awful color to paint over, I high recommend the stuff. It has a bit of a weird smell compared to regular paint, almost ammonia-like, but it works like a charm.

Anyway, Saturday we got the light blue up on the walls. Beautiful color in my opinion. It was fantastic looking. We ended up deciding to do the “drama wall” like I mentioned before, so we taped off as much of that as we could to prepare to paint it, but with the light blue still not fully dry we opted to wait until Sunday morning to put the darker color up.

We did the wall behind our bed a darker blue, which I think is awesome. Geoff still seems a little unsure about the color, but I’m hoping that getting our furniture in there (all of which is white, and our bedspread is a pewter color) will break it up enough for him to like it.

We have a weird little alcove thing where the door into the room from the hallway is, so we also opted to do the wall immediately across from the door the dark blue too. I thought it was a sort of cool, unexpected thing, and then you can see the color from the hallway.

I still have some touch-up work to do (along the seams where the two colors meet, the ceiling where the tape had a hard time sealing against the texture), but overall it’s done! We’ve picked a color for the bathroom, but we’re holding off on painting that until we fix some other “issues” we’ve found in there. We’ve also picked the color for the formal dining room as well as one of the bedrooms. I get to pick a color for the bedroom that will temporarily be my craft room, Geoff still needs to pick a color for his office, and then we need to pick something for the bonus room so we can get that setup with our various game apparatuses (apparati?).

Woo paint!


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