The Chronicles of First Time Homebuyers: Nothing Like A Fresh Coat Of Paint Part 1 (A Starting Place Is Hard To Find)

Come on, paint splatters all over the tub?  You couldn't wipe it off when it was still wet?  Really?

We’re going to eventually paint all the rooms, but for now we just want to get the living spaces we’ll actively use redone.  At first, we thought our biggest problem was going to be agreeing on colors.  That’s still an issue, but we have found a variety of other problems.  Like the fact that the previous homeowners got bright and saturated colors all over the ceiling edges and trim. And that they apparently redid the trim themselves at some point and it’s not actually really attached.  And not cut to the right lengths and gaps really badly.  And there’s paint on fixed surfaces paint shouldn’t be on (like the toilets, tubs, countertops, etc).

Dear goodness what have we stepped into?

First things first, we’ve setup a plan for our paint priorities.  Number one is the master bedroom.  That room has the least happening to it for the time being, so once we get the holes patched that can be ready to go.  Since we couldn’t agree on colors (let’s just say Geoff has an affinity for grey and grey-shades of other colors, and I very much do not), we came up with a pretty diplomatic solution.  We went to Home Depot together and raided the paint chips for colors either of us liked.  I took them into our bedroom and (in a multitude of lighting scenarios) picked a couple different options that I liked.  We like the idea of a “drama wall”, so I picked 3 really deep colors to go on the wall behind our bed and 4 other possible complimentary colors for the remaining walls (for a total of 8 options), and then I picked 4 colors that I liked enough for them to be on every wall in case we decided we wanted a solid color.  Despite kind of having a favorite, I’m going to show them all to Geoff and he can pick any of them since they’re pre-approved by moi.

Look at us being all smart and stuff about it.


Room number two for painting is the master bathroom.  This one is a little trickier, because I’m looking at colors going “okay, I have to do my makeup in here”.  Geoff looks at them and goes “I don’t have to look at it all the time, so let’s do some obnoxious color to be fun”.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to put on makeup with jungle green or cobalt blue reflecting back on your face, but it’s pretty difficult.  I picked 4 colors that I liked for the bathroom that have a little color to them but won’t make it hard to put on my face in the morning, and it was pretty obvious Geoff was disappointed by them.  I’m still working on a way to get a splash of bright color in there without skewing the lighting too badly for myself…

The next paint priority would be the living room, and shortly after that Geoff’s office.  The problem there is we have a small construction project that will be going on straddling those two rooms (more on that later), so it’s kind of silly to paint either one right now.  The added trouble of painting the living room is that it transitions smoothly into the kitchen, so we either have to pick a color we like in both or find a way to switch to another color without it looking obnoxious and awful.  I’m not a huge fan of the sharp color divide in the middle of a wall, so I’m hoping I can find some way to hide a color change.  I’ve got a couple of ideas, so we’ll see if any of them can work.

We’ve already discussed colors for 3 other rooms, it’s just a matter of picking shades.  They’re less used rooms so I’m not as worried about them, but I’m still excited to get them done. Especially the formal dining room.  Soooo pumped.  I already can’t wait to share that one with you guys.

Aside from that, we’re going to try to repaint all the trim and doors, as well as the ceilings right next to the walls so we can cover some of the “fast and loose” painting style of the previous homeowners.  It’s a long process to redo all of that, but the nice part is that we’re going to do all of that (or try to anyway) before we put the wall colors up, so we don’t have to worry about taping most things off (just taping off floors and the walls we’re not repainting quite yet).  We can just go to town with the white, and we’ll get our crisp lines back with the colors.

Yeah, um, not really close there buddy.

I’m trying to look at the bright side, but so far all I’m getting is “I’m going to be high as a kite from all those paint fumes”.


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  1. It sounds like our apartment only, thankfully, we don’t have to (and aren’t exactly encouraged to) do anything about it. Your method of choosing colors sounds like a good one; I think I’ll have to remember that if we can ever afford a place of our own. Good luck with it all!

  2. Matt and I had a tough time coming to an agreement on paint colors for our bedroom when we repainted the house we are in. We ended up going to home depot and they let us take home the WHOLE color block of cards from their Behr line (I love that paint…it is seriously the best) and that made our job a whole lot easier.

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