The Chronicles Of First Time Homebuyers: The Cleaning Crusades Part 1 (Dear God What Is That)

When we got back to MI from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, we went back to the in-laws house to drop off our stuff and hijack some equipment (tools, yard stuff, etc) before going out and buying cleaning supplies.  A short time later we were back at the house and ready to get cracking on cleaning.  The plan for the night was for me to clean the bathrooms and for Geoff to clean up the yard (get rid of the leaves and such).

Our friends AM and TM offered to come and help too, so they brought their little one over along with some pizza (thank you guys so much!!) and helped pull nails that were left in the walls and some of the “decorations” the previous homeowners had left on the walls (decals, badly done trim, etc).  It was awesome.

What was not awesome was how disgusting the bathrooms were.  For a room centered around promoting hygiene, you’d think it would have been more…hygenic.  Despite all the cleaning supplies we found they had left for us, I don’t think they had ever used any of them.  It is obvious they were potty training their toddlers (they even left the training seat…).  The showers that I thought were a tan vinyl insert?  Nope, they’re almost white.  In four hours I cleaned most of 2 bathrooms.  I didn’t even touch the third, and I hadn’t done the floors or cabinets in any of them.  Four hours on 2 toilets, 2 sinks, 2 counters, and 1 tub.  Four.  Hours.

Because it got dark out so quickly Geoff decided to spend the evening putting spackle in the various holes in the walls, as well as over parts that had been poorly patched by the homeowners so we could fix it.  That’s what he did all night.  Our house is almost polka-dotted.  Four hours of spackling.  Four.  Hours.

Although it didn’t help that he spent a portion of that time repairing a hole he himself put into the wall.  I made the assumption he knew the countersinks that were left in the wall were screwed in.  He figured it out after ripping the first one out with the claw end of the hammer.

So, after that adventure, I decided that rather than getting the whole house cleaned and the major rooms repainted before we move in I would be happy if just the bathrooms and kitchen were livable by Saturday.  That’s the new goal.

Monday after work we went out on a quick furniture hunting trip (we were trying to play beat the clock on a sale), then went back to the house to continue cleaning.  I finished the tub in the one bathroom and started working on the master bath.  I haven’t cleaned the tub in there yet, but I did get the toilet, shower, sink, and counter cleaned.  I took a break from giving myself weird blisters from the scrub brushes to take our collection of paint chips up to the bedroom to start choosing potential colors (more on that later), but otherwise it was all about the bleach products.

I finally finished the bathrooms (except for the floors) on Tuesday.  I’m planning on replacing the toilet seats still because, let’s face it, there is no way I’m going to trust a surface someone else’s butt has been living on for the last few years when they could let the rest of the bathroom get that gross.

I don’t know how you let things get to that level.  I understand when you’re working parents to two toddlers messes are going to happen.  But this wasn’t a mess.  This was grime and mystery stains. Bathtubs should not change colors like that.  That textured countertop?  Not actually textured.  How do you live like that?

I’m hoping that the kitchen isn’t as bad, but I’m not holding my breath.

Although if the smell of the dishwasher is any indication, maybe I should hold it.


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  1. Ewww! That sounds awful! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all of that highly unpleasant cleaning, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

  2. Gross. Hang in there! 🙂

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