The Chronicles of First Time Homebuyers: The Saga Begins

Yes, this is the actual house, not some random internet photo.  I mean, it did come from the internet, but that's only because I suck at taking pictures.

We have long had in place a plan (a brilliant plan at that) for what we would do once we gained possession of the house.  It is solid.  It is logical.  It is the epitome of “we totally thought this through”.

And I can already tell you it’s most likely phooey.

This plan was based off of our assessment of what needed to be done to the house before we could actually move in, which was not very much.  When we ate our sad little dinner in the kitchen on Wednesday before traveling for the holiday weekend, we noticed a few more things that we would need to address, but nothing too earth-shattering.  We mentally adjusted our plan, high-fived each other, and went on our way.

Going into the house Sunday, our plan looked something like this:
– Clean the bathrooms (this includes hardcore foaming cleaner on all of the tub and toilet surfaces, scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the mirrors, scrubbing the sink and countertops, wipe down the cabinets, and wash the floor)
– Clean the kitchen (disinfecting the dishwasher, scrubbing the sink, scrubbing the cupboards (in and out), scrubbing the counter, scrubbing the stove top, scrubbing the oven, scrubbing the refrigerator, dust tops of cabinets, mop the floor)
– Replace the basement door (they had a cat door in it)
– Mop the first floor (all but one room are hardwood or tile)
– Vacuum second floor
– Remove shelves from garage
– Vac/sweep garage and basement
– Clean out egress window wells
– Putty/sand nail holes
– Paint master suite

It now looks like this:
– If you can see it, assume it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned
– If you can’t see it, assume it’s a biohazard and clean it like your life depends on it
– Replace toilet seats (see points 1 and 2)
– Repaint everything

The original timeline was suppose to wrap up by Friday so we could load the trailer Friday night/Saturday morning, and move all our stuff into a clean and ready house on Saturday.  Based on some discoveries” we’ve made recently, I think at this point if I can just have the bathrooms and kitchen all done by then I’m going to be relatively happy.

We also have a long-term plan for things we want to do within the first year, which means there will be a multitude of posts centered around not being able to use various rooms for extended periods of time because a 2 day project went terribly wrong.  But we’ll talk about those plans later.

For now, at least I know my arms are going to get a good workout.  And my immune system.


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  1. Sorry your having some, um, technical difficulties. I hope you get everything cleaned and sanitized soon.

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