This Chapter Is Done, But The Book Is Just Beginning

I’d offer you a cup of tea, but I haven’t found my kettle yet.

Welcome to our new house!

Okay, let me rephrase…welcome to our new shell of a house!  It’s a little empty for now, but it’s okay, we have a plan!

And by “plan” I mean a loosely formed group of ideas that float in and out of my head whenever they please.

We closed on the house on Wednesday, just in time to not really get to enjoy anything other than the jingling of new keys on our key rings.  We did a walk-through of the house at lunch to make sure everything was in acceptable condition (mostly a formality, but it’s always nice to make sure the process of moving out didn’t put a giant hole in the drywall or leave you missing items that were promised to you), during which we actually got to meet the homeowner. The movers had just finally left, and she was sticking around to patch up and paint some of the holes left in the walls from items they had hanging up.  It was kind of cool, and awesome that she was cleaning that stuff up rather than just leaving it for us.

We packed up the car for our trip to IL for Thanksgiving before heading to the closing meeting.  It was interesting to say the least.  The representative from the title company was fantastic and did a great job explaining what all the legalese in the paperwork we were signing meant.  The rep from the relocation company the sellers were using, not so much…but our lady was so good she was actually able to explain what that stuff was too.   We handed over a check for way too much money (seriously, do you know how depressing it is to hand over a single check that represents almost your entire year’s salary?), signed a million times (okay, it was actually 37 but it felt like a ton), were handed the title, and the house was ours!

We wanted to do something in the house since we had wanted to get in there so badly, so before we started the drive to IL we went and picked up dinner at Quiznos and took it back to our empty kitchen and ate there.  Now we can say we ate dinner at our house!

We can also say we have a ton to do.

We had a general idea of what we would need to do to the house once we got in, but we didn’t quite realize the extent to which we were going to need to do things until we got to see it all empty.  Standing there eating our falling apart sandwiches without being shadowed by a realtor or inspector we got to really look at the house like it was ours, and things started appearing that we hadn’t noticed before.

Like how they apparently really wanted a giant fridge and didn’t much mind that it didn’t actually fit in the space for it so it actually blocks part of the counter and makes it almost impossible to open the cabinets hung over it, for example.

When we get home (hehe, home) on Sunday we’re going to dive into our list of things to do to get the house ready.  It’s quite the list…BUT it will all be worth it.

I already have a plan in place to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on too.  I apologize in advance for the picture quality (more specifically, the lack thereof) that will accompany these updates, but hopefully we’ll get a new camera soon and be able to improve on that.

I’ll have a Thanksgiving update soon, and then I’ll start the barrage of home updates.  In the meantime, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday weekend (and if you live in an area where this was not a holiday weekend, I hope you enjoyed your regular weekend)!


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  1. Congrats! That sounds so exciting!

  2. YAAAAAY!! Congrats!!! That’s soooooo exciting! Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  3. EEEEEEE!!!! Such an exciting day! I am curious what other refrigerator gems you find 🙂 sounds like such a fun and real “grown up” adventure! So happy for you!

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