If This Is A Sign Of Things To Come, I’ll Opt For The Cardboard Box

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the house, so I thought I’d give you all an update!

You might think that an exclamation mark would be a positive thing.  You would be wrong.

This process has been absolutely ridiculous.

We had the inspections.  They went fine.  The pest inspection was clear and only pointed out what we already know is normal for our area.  The house inspection pointed out that the furnace needed a good cleaning and a little water in the basement that was likely due to a plumbing vent that needed a cover.  Very simple stuff.  We put those items in the inspection addendum, and the seller agreed to pay to have those things fixed.  Woohoo!

Two days after that we went to go do the actual mortgage paperwork.  That was…scary.  We had 2 years of W-2s, the last 2 pay stubs from my last 3 jobs, bank statements, copies of checks, all kinds of stuff.  We laid it all out, looked at some complicated math, shook our heads and went “oh  my gosh we’re spending so much money” and signed away.  Our rate was locked in through November 20, meaning we would close by that day at the latest.  Our mortgage broker assured us she and our realtor were in constant contact to keep things rolling, and sent us on our way.  It sounded like our limiting factor was going to be how quickly the homeowner would be able to move out.

Sounded that way anywho.

The first bit of bad news came last weekend while we were in IL visiting with my family.  We got a call from our realtor about our closing date.  The movers were not even scheduled to be at the house to move the homeowner out until November 20.  The relocation company refuses to sign anything until the homeowners are completely out, meaning we couldn’t sign until after our paperwork had expired.  At that point we’d have to redo the paperwork, which means re-pulling credit scores and reprocessing everything.  Since rates have gone up since we started this, that means our rate would go up too.


The second bit came earlier this week when we got the update on the repairs we had requested after the inspection.  A contractor had gone out to make the simple fix of putting the cover on the plumbing vent.  Apparently it was very quickly obvious once the guy started poking around that a lack of cover was not the culprit.  It turns out that somehow (either it wasn’t done correctly to begin with or  ice got in and messed it up) the flashing all around the base of the glass door leading to the deck was, well, not doing anything.  It was letting water go straight to the house.

Double crud.

The good news is that the homeowners again agreed to cover the cost of any repairs needed, meaning we were not responsible for the fix to the door.  The contractor did the work today and was able to replace the drip tray and re-seal the door without destroying any of the siding.  So that’s done.  They also got the furnace cleaned (the report of what he did included the phrase “VERY DIRTY”, so it’s probably a good thing we got it done), so that part is good to go.

We were also eventually able to get it set up so that the movers would be done by 4PM November 21, and got our paperwork extended a day as well.  So technically we’re okay, but our Thanksgiving travel plan is all screwed up.  We’ll now be leaving way later to go to IL than I wanted to, and we’ll most likely end up in the thick of people driving that direction and have boatloads of traffic.  I’m not too happy about that, BUT at least we don’t get a rate increase.

Of course, this means that a week from today I will be holding keys to my new house!

Then you guys get to laugh at us trying to agree on how to paint it!

How’s everyone else doing?  Good?  Good.

But seriously, how are you all doing?



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