You Invited WHO To Your Wedding?!

This is probably one of my favorite stories from the wedding.  Many, many times throughout the night, my mom and I both had very similar conversations with various guests.

Guest: Who’s the drunk blonde girl?

Us: Oh that’s *AM.  She’s Geoff’s ex-girlfriend.

Guest: Ah…wait, what?!  Is she suppose to be here?

Us: Of course!  We invited her.  She and Jenn are great friends!

Guest: …what?

Not a single person could seem to grasp that she was there on purpose, and that not only had we invited her, but I myself had asked to invite her.  It was kind of hilarious.  I wish I could show you all a picture of each person’s face as this conversation took place.

Geoff almost got himself in big trouble when he introduced us.  We were going out to meet some of his old high school friends at a bar, and on the way there he goes “oh, yeah, I should probably tell you AM is going to be there.”  I’m glad for Geoff that he can be friends with his exes, but that doesn’t mean I want to meet them.  I was a little less than happy, but it’s not like anything could be done at that point, and I sure wasn’t going to go all crazy on him and say we couldn’t go or anything.  So we went.  And I met the first ex-girlfriend.

This almost sounds like the set-up of a Scott Pilgrim remake.

There were enough other people there that I didn’t really have to interact with her too much for the first portion of the evening, so it was totally fine at first.  The problem was everyone we were with suddenly decided it was time to go home, and it was very quickly just the 4 of us (AM, her husband TM, Geoff, and myself).  That was the moment where I decided that I’d kill Geoff once we got home.

But over the next hour, something strange happened.

AM and I not only were getting along great, we were acting like we had been best friends for ages.  It should be obvious, I mean we did have the same taste in fantastic men it seems, but still.  How often do you hear the story of “oh yeah I just love his ex-girlfriend”?  Especially considering all the stories I had been told over the years.  It’s a little bit of a mystery.

We’ve become such good friends we actually hang out without the boys.  We make it a point to have a wine date every once in a while.  She’s like my west-MI sister or something.  It’s awesome.  It also makes for a great story when asked how we know each other.  I can’t decide who has the better story, “she’s my husband’s ex” or “she married my ex”.

You ever have any unexpected encounters with a significant other’s ex?


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  1. This is hilarious because I am really really good friends with one of Cobalt’s exes. She came to our wedding (and my bachelorette party) and her husband was one of Cobalt’s groomsmen! She would have been one of my bridesmaids except Cobalt and I thought that might be awkward. Seriously though, we pretty much hang out all the time. 🙂 I’ve met almost all of his exes (that’s what he gets for growing up in a TINY town) and she’s the only one I can stand though… when I am in close proximity to the others, it’s just awkward…

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