One Step Closer!

On Friday we finally got a signed housing contract.  The relocation company got their act together and stopped requesting silly changes (“You have to initial by where you signed because the contract had an uncapitalized letter and you capitalized it”) and signed their copies, and we received it in the afternoon.  This means we can finally get moving on things.

Tuesday we are doing the inspections.  Yes, plural.  The home inspector is showing up at 4, and we show up at 5 to meet him and walk through the house with him to ask questions and for him to point things out.  Some time after that, the pest inspector is going to show up and start doing his thing.  By the time he’s done, we should be done with the home inspector and can go through anything he’s found with him.  When that’s all done, we have a friend coming over who’s a general contractor so we can walk through some of the things we want to do to the house.  Overall we’re expecting we’ll be at the house for at least 2 hours.

I’m excited to get back into it.  It’s going to be awesome to walk through it again and see it as our house, not someone else’s.  I’ve spent many nights over the last two weeks mentally decorating rooms and putting up Christmas decorations.  We have some grand plans for the place (which I can’t wait to share!), so the sooner we get to move in the better!  Barring anything terrible coming out of the inspection, the current plan has us closing on the house on November 19th.  If the inspection comes out clean, it’s possible we could do it earlier, which I would LOVE.

The only other hurdle at this point is getting the mortgage figured out.  For a variety of reasons, I am the one signing mortgage paperwork, not Geoff.  He’s of course reviewing it with me, but I get the hurdle of having to dig out all of the necessary documents to support the application.  They need a lot of random stuff it turns out.  2 years worth of W-2s, pay stubs from my current job and my last 2 jobs, a resume, 2 months of statements from the bank, and of course a full credit report (but she pulls that herself).  Of course, I didn’t exactly plan on being the one to have to do the mortgage, so all of my papers are in various forms of “missing” and “in IL with my parents”.  Whoops.  I need to figure it out by Wednesday, since that’s when we’re meeting with the mortgage rep to start pushing that through.

Fingers crossed the rest of the process goes smoothly!


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  1. Ooooo good luck with the mortgage! I am so excited for you guys!!! :):)

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