GMP = Giant Mounds of Paperwork

This is a data packet.  This is a fraction of a final report.

It’s 314 pages.  And I did it in 3 days.

Yes, this exciting new job is apparently really really intense.

I’d like to point out they only let me start mixing solutions on Thursday.  Today I submitted this packet.  I am now officially auditable.

Oh, and you know how I said this is a fraction of the final report?  The final will be about 1400 pages.  I cannot imagine having to be the person who has to read the whole thing.

Now that I’ve said that out loud,m it probably will be me.

Anyways, this is a glimpse into what my daily life is probably going to look like for a while.  MH (the only other person in my “group”, in case you forgot) has assured me this is “normal” and that while our titles put us in “Method Development And Validation” what it actually means is “Method Validation Occasionally While You Spend The Rest Of Your Time Being Thrown Into Projects No One Else In The Lab Wants To Do That Are Overly Complicated And Involved”.  I got to experience that secondary title first hand today.  It turns out that now that I managed to handle the large packet for the validation under heavy supervision, the rest of the management has decided this means I am fully trained and can not only do things by myself, but can do them with zero reference and supervision.

I can’t figure out if it’s easy to win their trust or if they really are just stretched that thin that they’ll take what they can get.

This morning at our daily meeting the chemistry group leader asks MH and I what our schedule for the day looks like.  I haven’t been here long, but considering this is not the person we report to I already know that’s code for “I’m going to ask you to do something and you’re really not going to like it”.  Sure enough, there’s a project that somehow slipped through the cracks, and it’s due on Friday.  All the techs already have their schedules full, so she asks MH and I if we can do it.  MH says sure, no problem, between the two of us we can handle it.  But wait!  He’s suppose to change out the water filters today.  So now, if you haven’t guessed, the idea of “MH and Jenn” has now become “Jenn who can go and find MH (maybe) if she gets stumped”.

As nerve-wracking as it was to do this massive packet before, the idea of doing something completely and totally unsupervised after only having part of a run-through with someone was terrifying.

This measurement was also a pain in the rear.

It should have been very simple.  All I had to do was an “ID test”, which pretty much means I take a sample and run it through a method that’s already established, one where we already know exactly where the sample is supposed to show up, and when I run it I point at it and go “yep there it is”.  What they don’t tell you when they say “it’s just one sample” is that to prep the one sample you have to make 4 different solutions, each of which take an hour, and  you have to prep a full standard reference, which will make the 10 minute measurement actually take 3 hours.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pharmaceutical testing.

In other news, since I know you’re all dying to know, there are no updates on the house yet.  The paperwork is progressing slowly, so nothing exciting to mention yet.  Hopefully I’ll have something for you on Friday.

Anyone have anything exciting going on this week?


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  1. Wow, that sounds, well, crappy. I’m sorry your dealing with a “no one else wants to do it, so let’s make the new girl do it” situation, and I hope it gets better soon.

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