The Only Thing Missing From This Roller Coaster Week Is An Actual Roller Coaster

I got to do things at work yesterday!  I don’t think I have ever been so excited about dilutions in my life.

Also, I recorded  my new voicemail greeting for my office phone, and it’s kind of scary to listen to.  Not “BOO!” scary of course, but “oh my gosh I sound like a professional” scary.  It’s crazy.

We are going into our first weekend in many, many weeks that is not riddles with meetings or appointments.  At first I was afraid I would get bored, then i realized that I would be totally happy napping to catch up on the sleep I;m apparently not getting and was no longer worried about it.  Which is good because we had a busy week.

We had a “cheap couples date night” with our friends AM and TM on Tuesday.  I can’t decide if it was a cheap couples-date or a cheap-couples date, but either way it works!  We went over to their house and had some wine/beer, turkey tacos, and veggies while watching Top Gear and laughing about the chaos that is their 1-year-old and energetic dogs.  It was a good time, and we also determined that children’s furniture is surprisingly strong.

We also met up with someone earlier this week to talk about a potential mortgage.  We have run all kinds of numbers ourselves (and by “ourselves” I mean Geoff built an epic Excel sheet that he plugs things into and I just look at it and go “wow that’s a lot of money”, but we wanted to get more realistic, non-made up numbers.

The very short version of the story is that I ended up pissed at the end of the night.  Not because of anything the loan officer said necessarily, but because it became very obvious there were a number of things that I had said/told Geoff about how mortgages go from my experience with my parents (since they were good about keeping me involved to a point to prepare for such a situation), that he told me were wrong, aaaaaaand they weren’t.  This is not the usual situation of “I’m sorry honey you were right” where you get to be a little inwardly smug or make jokes about it for a week.  This was a big deal, and it put us in a bit of a pickle.  I was not happy…

In slightly related news, we also went and saw the only house that was still on our list last night.  We had cautious optimism going into it, because the pictures and description made it look great (not to mention I can easily bike to work in the spring/summer), but we’ve been in that particular rodeo before so we were trying to not be too excited about it before seeing it.  There will be more on that later…

We were going to head to a corn maze this weekend, but the forecast is not so promising so I think that plan is on hold for the time being.  I haven’t been to one in a really long time (I think I lived in NJ for the last one?) and the one near us is supposed to be pretty epic, so it should be fun!  The only other definite plan of the weekend is that I need to go have an eye exam so I can get my prescription safety glasses for work.

What are you all up to for the weekend?


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