I Promise I’ll Get The Hang Of This Soon

Obviously I stink at this whole “establish a routine” thing.  I’m still floundering a bit with the transition to the new job, and we constantly have to do stuff right when we get off work.  My apologies for continuing to be terrible at time management and not getting back on a regular update schedule!

There is not much to report on the new job because I still can’t touch anything.  Headquarters has yet to sign off on my training documents.  Apparently when people start out there, they have a training lab, so after you do all the “desk” raining you go into that for 3 weeks, and then they sign off on your paperwork and let you actually start working.  We don’t have that here, but since that is what they are used to they are in no hurry to sign my stuff.  My site leader keeps bothering them about it and trying to explain that we don’t have a training lab, but the only response he kept getting back was “oh she only started at the beginning of the month, there’s no reason for her to be in a lab yet.”  So.  Frustrating.

I’ve spent my days recently mentally perfecting this dance.

He managed to irritate them enough that they pushed it through on Friday.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I missed a question or two on the quizzes that went along with the documents so they need ot review those with me.  That doesn’t sound like it should be a problem by itself, after all that’s the point of training.  When you realize that what this means to them is that rather than scanning documents back to us they are putting post-it notes next to the mistakes and then mailing it back with the intent that I’ll make corrections and mail it back to them, then it’s a problem.  Supposedly the documents will show up tomorrow.  At best, I can mail them back on Wednesday (since I also have to conference call with someone out there about the mistakes it seems), which means at best they’d get them Thursday if we can overnight them, and at their pace that means I can only hope I may get to do something Friday afternoon, but it will probably be Monday.

That means I’m going to “work” here for 3 weeks without really doing anything.  It was fine while I was shadowing, but since the only things going on right now are repeatability tests and the like, I have literally seen nothing but dilutions and weighing things out.  There’s nothing else to observe at the moment, and as nice as MH is I think he’s getting a little tired of me having to stand over his shoulder anytime he does anything.

This weekend we went back to IL to visit my mom for her birthday!  My dad even made the drive up from AR to be there too.  It was really nice to see my family and my dogs again, and even though we didn’t really do much and the weather was iffy at best I would insist it was a perfect weekend.  It was a little tough leaving again, but I’m sure one of these days I’ll get used to it.

Later this week we’re meeting with someone about a mortgage to get a better idea of how all those costs and monthly payments will break down, as well as talking to a friend of Geoff’s family who’s a general contractor about some things we’ve been thinking we’ll need to do to a house when we decide on one so we can get an idea of what different things might cost us.  More about that later though…

What’s new with you guys?!


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  1. Wow… craziness about starting new jobs. I can’t believe they’re so disorganized about getting you up and running with everything! Good luck… Glad you got to see your whole family this weekend!

    Not much new for me… just more grad school…. blahhhhh

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