No House Yet, And No Apartment…

When I moved back to IL, Geoff moved in with his parents so we could save money for the wedding and the house.  We’re hoping to find a house and move in pretty soon, so to live in an apartment now that I’m coming to MI we need one that will let us rent on a monthly basis.  The problem is we live in what is essentially a college town and that’s what the apartment complexes in the area cater to, so finding a lease shorter than 1 year is difficult, nevermind finding anything that will let us go monthly.  So where does that leave us?

Living with my in-laws.

This was really our only other option.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Geoff’s parents.  Mom2 and I sit back with margaritas and watch football.  Dad2 likes to talk science.  We have a good time.

But let’s face it, when you’re freshly married and trying to start a life together, “we’re living with the in-laws” isn’t exactly the phrase you want to default to.

They keep telling me “make yourself at home” and the like, but despite being here as often as I’ve been here over the last 3 years I still feel like a guest.  All my stuff being here makes me feel bad about intruding on their space.  My car adds a new complication to the driveway shuffle.  There’s a new rotation to the washer and dryer.  I feel like I’m just a big inconvenience, and I’ve not even been here 24 hours.

We’re here for at least a month, and probably closer to two based on our current plan.  But, you know us, the plan is always changing, so who knows what will actually happen.  I’m sure that in a while I’ll get over the awkward phase,

We’re doing some online looking, but we’re putting the house hunting on hold until I finish my first week at the new job.  We’ve changed some of our parameters, so we’re hoping something good comes up, but we’re thinking about looking for a house on the really low-end of our budget and using the rest of the money to do massive overhauls of the inside to make it what we want, so a little more imagination is becoming necessary.  That, however, is a post for another time…

I do want to take a quick moment to say thank you for the comments I’ve received over the last few posts.  It has made me feel infinitely better than I am not the only one who has a hard time with various aspects of the moving process, and I appreciate the support.


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  1. I’m sure it’s frustrating to not have a place of your own no matter how much you love your in-laws. At least you have that option while you’re looking though. I hope you have house hunting success very soon!

  2. Hang in there! I am excited to hear more about house hunting when it gets underway again though 🙂

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